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The International Edition epilepsy content within the sub hierarchies of 313287004 |Seizure related finding (finding)| and 84757009 |Epilepsy (disorder)| (excluding Orphanet related content), is being reviewed for currency and clinical correctness of the descriptions, logical model, and hierarchical structure. The work includes the inactivation of outdated components, addition of missing clinically relevant concepts and descriptions, as well as correction of the modeling and hierarchical structure as required.
The project is being undertaken in stages with an initial focus on epileptic seizure finding content followed by the review of the epilepsy disorder content. Briefing notes about this work will be placed on this confluence page. 

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  1. Briefing notes will no longer be provided for each group of the Epilepsy Project changes. The Epilepsy Status Report is updated each quarter and the page may be watched for changes. Questions and comments may also be sent to as required.