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13 August 2019 2000- 2100UTC

Meeting Details:

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  • Page will be updated with summary notes from meeting.
  • Please see recording for full details.


Discussion items (In draft)

1WelcomeCathy Richardson
  • Attendees list

2Apologies/conflicts of interest
  • Apologies as noted
  • Declarations of interest
    • Group given advance notice of need to update the DOI page

  • Minutes of previous meetings
    • Group advised of previous recording and summary of meeting. Asked to advise if any issues.
  • Work item management- change to format proposed for group to consider
      • Face to face (FTF) group meetings
      • Ad hoc meetings to cover topics as required between the FTF meetings.
      • No comments from those attending. Topic to go on October meeting agenda.
    • The yearly self evaluation work item coming.

4Action listCathy Richardson

National content identified by a second country as useful

Maria Braithwaite
6Administrative content
  • Potential to not continue this work was raised.
  • Monica Harry and Sheree Hemingway to meet offline. Group to be advised of decision at the October meeting.


Clinical core proposal

  • Clinical Core_CMAG input on content for inclusion
    • Input provided by group members noted as comments on the page. Input to be forwarded to Jim Case.
      • The UK request for further information and the need for a common place for input to be gathered were raised (as noted on the link above). These points will be highlighted to Jim Case.
    • Work item closed, though member advised there would be future opportunities outside of this work activity to provide input.

8October business meeting planningMonica Harry
  • 2019-10-29 - CMAG Meeting
    • Group asked to provide agenda items
    • Topics so far include TOR, Admin Content.
    • Members asked to advise when aware of whether they will attend in person or be dialling in.

9Any other businessALL

Meeting Files

No files shared here yet.

Previous Meetings

No content found.

1 Comment

  1. Apologies for missing the meeting this week, I've been on leave. One comment I'd just like to make regarding the administrative content, is we've noticed the potentially content in that subhierarchy that isn't "Administrative". The most recent example is <<243816001|Contraception status (finding)|. (Which we've (AU) moved to be a subtype of
    13197004|Contraception (finding)|, though it's probably really a duplicate...)

    I don't think we (CMAG/SI) will ever be able to get definitions / unambiguous interpretations for a lot of the "admin concepts", but it's probably useful to determine what "administrative" content actually is. Or what purpose a grouper concept 307824009|Administrative statuses (finding)| serves. "finding" and "status" can frequently be interchanged.