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This page shows the past schedule of the Drug Extension User Support Group topics.  Please email if you would like to present your drug implementation experiences at a future meeting.

2024 Schedule

17th April 20249:00 UKContent updates and general discussionStaffSNOMED International-
11th February 202411:00 UTCMap updates and general discussionStaffSNOMED International-

2023 Schedule

25th October 202313:30 EDTEDQM Map Review - Alanta - In personStaffSNOMED International-
21st September 202313 UTCEDQM Map ReviewStaffSNOMED International-
1st June 202313 UTCEDQM Map PlanningStaffSNOMED International-
16th February 202313 UTC2023 plan, NUVA projectStaff, NUVASNOMED International, NUVA-

2022 Schedule

3rd February 202210 UTCDEUSG PrioritiesStaffSNOMED International-
3rd March 202213 UTCNorwegian Drug ExtensionJørn AndreNorwegian Directorate of e-HealthNorway
31st March 202210 UTCSnap2Snomed & Selecting drugs by drug model class

Linda Bird & Alejandro Lopez Osornio

SNOMED International-
14th April 202211 UTC

(April 2022 Business Meeting)

The use of SNOMED within FDB solutions

Aditya Parnandi (FDB)

FDB Health

28th April 202213 UTCSNOMED CT international drug contentMonica Harry &
Toni Morrison
SNOMED International-
26th May 202210 UTC

Using additional axioms, Iodinated contrast media, Tallman lettering

StaffSNOMED International-
23rd June 202213 UTCInteroperability between national drug dictionariesStaffSNOMED International-
21st July 202210 UTCUsing ECL to query SNOMED drug contentStaffSNOMED International-
18th August 202213 UTCThe use of SNOMED CT drug content in Wolters Kluwer solutionsJustin StoutWolters KluwerUS
15th September 202210 UTCUpdate on AMT model roadmapMatt CordellCSIROAustralia
29th September 202212:30 UTC

SNOMED Business Meetings - DEUSG
Introduction, feedback and exploring challenging products

Staff & DEUSGAllAll
13th October 202213 UTCNational Drug Extension Model Q&AStaff & DEUSGAllAll
10th November 202210 UTCNational Drug Extension ModelStaff--
15th December 202213 UTC

Argentinian National Drug Extension


2021 Schedule

Date11 UTCTopicPresenterOrganizationCountry
21st January 202111 UTCProject presentationDavid MitchellNew Zealand Universal List of MedicinesNew Zealand
4th February 202111 UTCProject presentationJing Jing WongIntegrated Health Information SystemsSingapore
18th February 202113 UTCDiscussion - Understanding SNOMED
decisions around drugs
VariousSNOMED International-
4th March 202111 UTCProject presentationFrançois MACARYPHASTFrance
18th March 202113 UTCConcrete domains and injections/infusionsCo-chairs + staffSNOMED International-
1st April 202111 UTCMapping use cases and hydratesCo-chairs + staffSNOMED International-
15th April 202113 UTCHow to submit drug content requests and selection of dose form topicsCo-chairs + staffSNOMED International-
29th April 202111 UTCProject presentationLeonora GrandiaZ-IndexNetherlands
13th May 202113 UTCScenarios for the representation of clinical information using SNOMED CT and other standards to support the objectives of UNICOM

Jane Miller and
Ian Green

SNOMED International-
27th May 202111 UTCProject presentationSorya Pordeli and Pan TengAustralian Medicines TerminologyAustralia
10th June 202113 UTC

Drug content updates for July 2021
Medicinal product model specification
Drug User Group reflection

Co-chairs + staffSNOMED International-
24th June 202111 UTC

Localising drug content using synonyms and preferred terms

Co-chairs + staffSNOMED International-
22nd July 202111 UTCQuerying SNOMED drug content using ECLCo-chairs + staffSNOMED International-
5th August 202113 UTCProject presentationLinda Parisien and Jo-anne Hutsul

Canadian Immunisation Project and Canadian Clinical Drug Data Set

19th August 202111 UTCEDQM dose form mapCo-chairs + staffSNOMED International-
2nd September 202113 UTCDose form and strength topicsToni MorrisonSNOMED International-
16th September 202111 UTCProject presentation

Emma Melhuish

Adoption of the UK drug dictionaryU.K.
30th September 202113 UTCProject presentationOlivier BodenreiderComparing drug classes between MED-RT and SNOMED CTU.S.
29th October 20219:30  UTC (30 min)

SNOMED Expo Presentation
Implementing an Interoperable National Drug Dictionary using SNOMED CT 

Julie James, Linda Bird and Toni Morrison

SNOMED International 

25th November 202111 UTCEDQM dose form map progress report, extemporaneous preparations and strength roundingJulie James and Linda BirdSNOMED International
9th December 202113 UTCNational Drug Extension ModelJulie JamesSNOMED International

2020 Schedule

29th October 202011 UTCProject presentationJerry O'SullivanIrish Pharmacy UnionIreland
12th November 202011 UTCProject presentationAchyut PatilNRCeS IndiaIndia
26th November 202011 UTCProject presentationMartha HynneNorwegian Directorate of E-HealthNorway
10th December 202011 UTCDiscussion - Issues and ResourcesCo-chairs + staffSNOMED International-
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