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[course] [periods of life] arthritis of [joint body structure] caused by [organism] (disorder)


[course] [periods of life] arthritis of [joint body structure] caused by [organism]


Concept model:

Definition status:  

900000000000073002 |Defined (core metadata concept)|

Applies to

<< 3723001 |Arthritis (disorder)|

Template Language

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Rules for generating descriptions:

  1. Apply General rules for generating descriptions for templates
  2. Apply Enhancements for the Template Language
  3. Replace [morphology] by the word 'infection' if associated morphology is absent; 
  4. Replace [morphology] by the word 'infection' if associated morphology is 409774005|Inflammatory morphology (morphologic abnormality)| or 23583003|Inflammation (morphologic abnormality)|. 

JIRA ticket:

QI-58 - Getting issue details... STATUS

INFRA-3309 - Getting issue details... STATUS


  1. There are concepts that require two role groups, e.g. bilateral with "left" and "right".  Should the cardinality be changed for the role group to 1..* ?  Changed to 1..2

  2. Short answer, yes.  We will need to deal with this for any subhierarchy that has bilateral concepts.

  3. 431236003 |Bacterial arthritis of sacroiliac joint (disorder)| is an example of a concept with an Organism as a causative agent rather than a substance.   That seems reasonable to me; I'll add and re-run, and if you disagree please let me know.    Penni Hernandez Yongsheng Gao

  4. Penni Hernandez  I think the use of attribute 'interprets' in this template needs to be reviewed. Two concepts modelled by 'interprets' are phrased as co-occurrent and due to. I suggest to exclude it from the template. 

    1. I do not recall the proposed use case for INTERPRETS here in the template, but for disorders the INTERPRETS/HAS INTERPRETATION should be used only to provide supporting evidence for the presence of the disorder.  It should be used sparingly and usually only when there is a difference in how the disorder is viewed clinically based on the observable.

  5. If kept it should be role group 0

  6. I removed the "interprets" I believe I have run the template language report without the interprets and there were no concepts that fell out due to this missing.

  7. Cheers Penni Hernandez  Change it to ready for implementation.

  8. The template language and the table don't align on the role groups, template language has 1..2 and the table has 1..*

  9. Can an optional due to [disease] relationship be added to this template to incorporate e.g.  ?

    Arthritis secondary to amyloidosis (disorder)
    Arthritis secondary to hematological malignancy (disorder)
    Arthritis secondary to malignancy (disorder)
    Arthritis secondary to non-hematological malignancy (disorder)
  10. Makes sense as we have a substantial number of secondary arthritis concepts.