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Allergy to [substance] (finding)


Allergy to [substance]


Concept model:

Definition status:  

900000000000073002 |Defined (core metadata concept)|

Applies to:

<<  419199007 |Allergy to substance (disorder)|

Template language

419199007 |Allergy to substance (finding)|  : [[~1..1 @rolegroup]] { [[~1..1]]  719722006 |Has realization (attribute)|  =  472964009 |Allergic process (qualifier value)| , [[~1..1]]  246075003 |Causative agent (attribute)|  = [[ +id (<<  105590001 |Substance (substance)|  ) @causative]] }

Misalignment report:

Rules for description generation:

  1. Remove the semantic tag, e.g. (body structure)
  2. Remove 'Structure of' from [body structure] if term starts with 'Structure of'   e.g. 709530002|Structure of phalanx of hand (body structure)|
  3. Remove 'structure' from [body structure] if term contains 'structure', e.g. 69536005|Head structure (body structure)|   24097009|Bone structure of hand (body structure)|

JIRA ticket for implementation:

INFRA-2549 - Getting issue details... STATUS


There are few exceptions in modeling the causative agent attribute for descendants of the 419199007 |Allergy to substance (finding)| in comparison to the general template guidelines:

  • 788802000|Allergy to cetuximab (finding)|
    • The allergy is to alpha-gal substance in a product containing cetuximab.
  • 432807008 |Pollen-food allergy (finding)|
    • This is a contact food allergy that occurs in patients with pollen allergy when ingesting raw fruits, vegetables and some tree nuts. Symptoms are caused by a heat-labile protein in fruits, vegetables, and nuts that cross-reacts with proteins in aeroallergens.
  • 293908005 |Allergy to chloral hydrate (finding)|
    • In general, concepts in the 419199007 |Allergy to substance (finding)| sub-hierarchy are modeled with the base substance and not its modification. Chloral hydrate is an exception to this rule.

Please note that for the first two:  since it is hard to fully define these concepts, they have been left as primitive concepts.


  1. Yongsheng Gao Can I just double check that  above concept model IS_A  420134006 |Propensity to adverse reactions (finding)|? Should the FSN be |Propensity to adverse reactions (disorder)|? Thanks Michael

  2. Hi Michael Chu, The FSN must be "Allergy to [substance] (finding)" as specified in this template. Cheers, Yong

  3. Yes I agree. Sorry I didn't make it clear that what I was asking is about the FSN for concept 420134006. It might be just a typo unless there is another template to transform that from "disorder" to "finding". 

  4. Michael Chu, I see what you mean.  In this template, I put it as 420134006 |Propensity to adverse reactions (finding)|. The semantic tag for this concept will be changed by author from (disorder) to (finding) in PROD.  The transformation process will need to change the semantic tags from (disorder) to (finding) for the existing concepts. It is a requirement for the description transformation. Cheers, Yong 

  5. Yongsheng Gao Ok I see. That makes sense now. We just need to make sure the change is made into PROD first before we run the template transformation. Thanks

  6. Yongsheng Gao was just looking at the template in SCA prod. 

    I have just finished a manual update of all the FSN (INN aligned), US and GB PTs for substances.

    Does the Allergy to x [substance]Template take this US-GB PT variation into account?


    293584003 |Allergy to paracetamol (disorder)|

    INN (FSN) and GB Paracetamol US Acetaminophen

  7. Nicola Ingram, I had discussion with Michael. For the August release, the key focus is to get correct logic model transformation and normal description changes. So, we will not be able to handle the US/GB PT variations.  This function will be covered in the following September release. Cheers, Yong

  8. Yongsheng Gao Can you clarify/confirm that the changes promoted to PROD will include the proper spelling variations for the 2019-Jan Release? I assume the Aug/Sep dates noted above are not for the final release content but are for intermittent releases. (Peter has been representing substances spelling variations very nicely in the product batches using the new terming patterns and using the substance concept as source of truth for terming so not sure if some of his code could be repurposed to help out.)

  9. Toni Morrison, those are scheduled release for authoring tool. So, the function should be ready for content changes for 2019 Jan release. As long as we have the function in the authoring platform, we can update content whenever the model or value are changed.  The application is the same. I have copied both of them. So, they can talk.

    cc: Michael ChuPeter G. Williams

  10. Thanks for the clarification Yongsheng Gao.

  11. Note, extended range to include substance itself.  If it is needed, the template is also needed to be updated in the authoring platform.