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View detailed information for a SNOMED CT concept, such as its definition status, FSN, descendants count, terms acceptability in specified language reference sets and relationships to other concepts.

Prerequisite steps: Browse SNOMED CT International Edition concepts


In the SNOMED CT Browser Full view, press the Details tab in the Concept Details panel.

The Concept Details panel updates to show the following:

  • Definition status icon
  • Fully Specified Name
  • icon button
  • Summary line including SCTID, definition status (as text) and Descendants Count
  • Language reference set entries with preferred and acceptable terms in that language/dialect.
  • Relationships to other concepts (concept model components)

The main panel and each row item on the Details tab has a corresponding information icon button. Press this button to see a pop-up overlay with additional details:

  • Concept (main panel): Effective Time and ModuleId.
  • Descriptions: DescriptionId, Type, Language, Case Significance, Effective Time and ModuleId.
  • Relationships: TypeId, TargetId, Modifier, EffectiveTime and ModuleId.

Multiple information overlays can be opened at the same time by pressing each relevant   icon button in sequence. Pressing anywhere within the Concept Details panel outside an information overlay will close all open overlays.