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How to raise an issue encountered within the SCT Browser, or suggest improvements and/or new features for consideration in future releases.


Press Feedback in the SCT Browser page header to report issues or submit change requests related to usability and features.

The SNOMED CT Browser Feedback pop-up form is presented, with the following fields:

  • Requestor (required, single line email address, maximum of 255 characters)
  • Subject (required, single line text, maximum of 255 characters)
  • Description (multi-line rich text editor, including field-footer buttons to add file attachments and grab images)
  • reCAPTCHA (I'm not a robot confirmation checkbox)

The form footer has a Send Feedback action button in the lower right.

There is an X link in an upper left outdented tab to close the form without submitting.

Enter a valid Requestor email address and Subject text to send a minimal feedback message.

Entering a Requestor  email address reveals an optional Name field (single line text).

Adding your full name will help our support team to track and respond to your feedback.

Press the I'm not a robot reCAPTCHA checkbox (a green tick will appear when checked).

This is required to submit your feedback.


Press Send Feedback to submit the completed form.

A confirmation "Thank you for your feedback" message is presented, indicating that your feedback is now with our support team. An acknowledgement email is also sent to the Requestor address from the SNOMED International Help Desk, with the subject "Thank you for your feedback - ticket #" (where the # is a help desk ticket reference number).

Press the Go back link below the acknowledgement message to return to a new blank form within the SNOMED CT Browser Feedback pop-up.

Press the X  in the upper left corner of the pop-up form to close it and return to browsing.