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Authoring begins for the July 2020 International Edition editing cycle.


Content team to deliver final MRCM change requests to EPS Team for action


EPS Team delivers MRCM changes to content team for review - Content Team to complete this by  


Content team to deliver final reviewed MRCM changes plus any feedback to EPS Team


EPS Team to make any necessary changes (based on feedback from the authors) and verify with Content Team by  


Jane MillarCut off for external collaboration partner CRS Requests (IHE, HL7, etc) - set date of 15th March + 15th September each cycle for clarity


NO FURTHER MRCM CHANGES ACCEPTED - everyone has agreed this, with the caveat that any critical changes can be reviewed by all of us in order to analyse impact vs business case and allow a change if absolutely necessary.


Final MRMC refsets delivered by EPS Team to Release Management team for review


SNOMED International Tech Team to now:

  1. add UUIDs to the MRCM google sheet for all new MRCM rules, and
  2. update the MRCM in the SCA to ensure remaining new cycle content validated against the latest version.

????? NO LONGER REQUIRED due to MRCM Tool????????




  • NO FURTHER PROMOTION FOR PROJECTS THAT HAVE LARGE SCALE CHANGES - For example this would include large scale changes to foundational hierarchies such as anatomy or substances, or changes that are likely to have impact to reports such as the pattern report (e.g. redundant relationships) or MRCM (e.g. cardinality issues in legacy content where edits have been made to that content without resolving the pre-existing cardinality issue).


  • Last day for authors to launch new tasks in SCA - no more new tasks launched after this date,
  • Verify all new namespace concepts have been added
  • Early Visibility Handover meeting (if complexity of Release requires)


Andrew AtkinsonPre close of release full validation of the initial exported content


Content team review, rebase and finalise all content


Content team promote to MAIN final content for all projects to be released in the current editing cycle (weekend contingency)


Content Release Lead to request (via Infra ticket) formal lock down of all Projects (i.e. no promotions allowed), except for the Internal QA Project - which needs to remain open until from CONTENT CUTOFF DATE in order to allow Content Release Lead to promote all final QA fixes before handover.


Final content review (2 days)

Request vet extension report

Request QI content changes report

Review of new observable entity and evaluation procedure concepts for conflicts with the LOINC agreement


  • Handover of content to technical team Release manager
  • Content Release Lead to request (via Infra ticket) the maintenance screen to be raised in Production, to prevent further updates to International content - Technical Team Release tasks - July 2020
  • Reminder to WCI to cut off mapping drip feed (but NOT clone over to Release Server until Mapping Team confirms that both ICD-0/ICD-10 + GMDN maps are all updated based on 8th Content + latest GMDN content


Planned Initial Handover meeting


  • Mapping Team to notify WCI mapping/review ready for QA
  • QA of mapping (Mapping Team + WCI)


termServer branching and Release versioning - Technical Team Release tasks - July 2020


Andrew AtkinsonFull validation of the initial exported content


  • Content Team to confirm that Lateralizable refset is complete in Production refset tool (Release manager to then action the refset tool release to get the delta files), +
  • Content Team to deliver the SEP refsets (x2) to Release manager


  • Mapping/Review/Technical QA complete
  • Authors and mappers - Preparation of release notes content 



  • Mapping team to request Clone of Mapping content (both ICD-0/ICD-10 + GMDN) over to the Release Server, in order to provide a stable baseline for both upcoming International + GMDN releases.

  • Handover of ICD-0 + ICD-10 maps to technical team Release manager (Andrew Atkinson)

Handover of Release Notes to technical team Release manager


  • Planned Final Handover meeting, +

  • PLANNED Early Alpha Release date
  • Provisional date for Content authoring starts for next editing cycle


PLANNED Alpha Release date

Restart the mapping Drip Feed - this can actually be done earlier than the final Alpha if required, as the only pre-requisite is to complete the ICD-0/ICD-10 testing in the Alpha build. This is simply to provide confidence that there will not likely be map changes during the Alpha/Beta stage, which could in theory create re-work for the teams. This risk should be balanced against the growing backlog of map changes, and a decision made whether to use an early Alpha build to switch the drip feed back on.

Restart validation in SCA (no longer relevant - new process should allow validation to re-start immediately when Content authoring starts for next editing cycle)


PLANNED Alpha feedback deadline


PLANNED BETA Release date


PLANNED BETA feedback deadline


Member Release date


Public Release date

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