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Authoring started on GMDN concepts at the start of the normal International Editing cycle.



All of the relevant GMDN concepts are added to SNOMED CT, as per the reports that Michael sends to Monica (created using the monthly GMDN release packages). Each new concept is assigned a new CRS ticket, and taken through the relevant statuses ("Accepted", "Under Authoring", "Ready for Release", etc).

During all this the mapping team is receiving the drip feeds through and mapping all the concepts that are coming through, ready for the Release team to export as the final Delta file for the next GMDN release.


At the end of the cycle, the Versioning of MAIN is actioned as part of the International Edition release process. As part of the Versioning process, all of the CRS tickets get moved to “Completed”, and so it is at this point that the GMDN cut off is also taken - anything authored and put into “Ready for Release” status between the start date and this date will be included in the next GMDN release. At this point we should be able to tell in CRS how many new concepts (and which concepts) based on GMDN content, have been added over the whole GMDN cycle.


Authoring begins for the July 2019 International Edition editing cycle - it also begins for the July 2019 GMDN editing cycle.


Early visibility of GMDN package to be requested from WCI, to ensure that we start the validation as soon as possible.


Early validation conducted on the provisional GMDN release package by the release team. This should include verifying that the Delta file from WCI contains the correct number + actual Concept records, as expected by content team who added the new GMDN concepts throughout the GMDN editing cycle (content team to confirm using CRS data or locally maintained logs).


Production International Edition published, and sent to WCI to take final cut of GMDN package (if different from Member release when early cut was taken on  


WCI to export and validate final GMDN Delta out of the mapping tool


Final builds of the GMDN release package actioned based on updated data from WCI, and full validation conducted. Cycle through updates to mapping content and subsequent fixed versions of the exported Delta file as many times as is required to achieve the required level of quality.


GMDN Production Release date
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