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Authoring begins for October 2021 International release.

Check for and request updates to validation to align with large scale changes to content development (e.g. axiom, GCI, concrete domains etc).

Content Release Manager to check Daily Build RVF report daily to ensure no failures in the "Traceability Service" assertion(s).  These will provide advanced notice of the type of failures we currently don't find until Release time (items missing from the RF2 manifest, package formatting issues, etc), so that they can be fixed well before the release.


No further batch loads or bulk updates.

No further promotion for projects that have large scale changes for example promotion from the Community Content or changes to foundational hierarchies likely to have impact across other content.

Cross check that all MRCM changes have been made and the associated content changes completed (i.e. no MRCM errors on Main). No further changes to MRCM.

Create the module dependency records for the next release.

Last day for the Content team to promote any changes intended for release in the current editing cycle.

Content review for conflict with LOINC agreement.

Final project promotion 23:00 UTC

Content team may continue to author after final project promotion and until the authoring platform is under maintenance window, but must not delete any concepts or components that have already been promoted for the October 2021 release. No project promotion until further notice.

23:00 - AAT to send request to WCI for preview Mapping files (ICD-0/ICD-10 only), for use in the pre-versioning validation Build first thing in the morning


Release Team



Release Team

09:00 - For the first few releases the Release Manager should run an initial full Release against the UN-VERSIONED content, to ensure no failures in the "Traceability Service" assertion(s) in the RVF report.  These will provide advanced notice of the type of failures we currently don't find until Release time (items missing from the RF2 manifest, package formatting issues, etc), so that they can be fixed well before the release.  

Versioning to proceed once Release Manager confirms that there are no Critical issues in this build.

09:00 - Content release manager final content review and validation in the current release branch:

  • Confirm root concept has been updated - October 2021 release.
  • Review RVF report.
  • Review MRCM report.
  • Check the exceptions list for all components listed during the current release cycle.
  • Run 'Inactivated concept in ref set' report.
  • Spell check/ check descriptions file for inaccuracies or typos.
  • Reporting platform release validation section - KPI patterns, case sensitivity, duplicate terms, release issues report, validate inactivations report.
  • Reporting platform release statistic section - Concepts changed, Inactivated concepts, New components, New descriptions, Release stats, Summary component stats.


11:00 - Final handover meeting - once all signed off, full validation of initial content + fixing of all issues that it is possible to resolve before versioning.

11:00 - If any Critical fixes have been required, we need to:

  • Push them back through to MAIN before versioning
  • Re-run the Daily Build manually in order to ensure that the Mapping Server picks up the latest version

12:00 - Technical team release tasks (as and when initial validation is signed off at each milestone)

  • termServer branching and Release versioning
  • Snapshot used to provisionally bring the AP validation etc back up again today, so that it works for the interim period until the new Production release package is signed off tomorrow (on the 15th October this cycle)...

Reminder to WCI to cut off mapping drip feed (but NOT clone over to Release Server until Mapping Team confirms that both ICD-0/ICD-10 + GMDN maps are all updated based on Content + latest GMDN content.

?16:00? - Build of the final, Versioned Build + regression testing

Maria Braithwaite?16:00? - Restart content editing for the next release cycle in the new release branch on authoring platform.


Mapping Generation process (ICD-0 + ICD-10) - October 2021

Mapping QA complete.


  • this is using the content from last night's final promotion lockdown at 23:00 UTC, as the Daily Build feed runs at 01:00 UTC)
  • 02:00 UTC - (or immediately after the Daily Build/Snapshot provided by DevOps post-versioning is available if Rick Wood  can automate this?), Release Mapping Server needs to have SNOMED completely removed + the latest version re-uploaded.
  • WCI to validate the Release Mapping Server
  • WCI to lift maintenance window and allow Mapping Team to access other projects ONLY (GMDN, MedDRA, etc)

15th October:

  • Mapping team to finalise any last mapping from the final content that came through last night (or any issues identified during the Release Mapping Server validation process), and then Resolve their "Mapping Complete" ticket
  • If there are any risks of the Content changing between now and the Published Production release at the end of the month, we need to request Clone of Mapping content (both ICD-0/ICD-10 + GMDN) over to the Release Server, in order to provide a stable baseline for both upcoming International + GMDN releases:
    • 12:00 - Manual/automated backup of Mapping Server - Chris Morristo automate when possible...
    • 13:00 - (or immediately after the backup is complete if Rick Wood  can automate this?), the Mapping Server is Cloned over to the Release Mapping Server.
    • 15:00 - ICD-0 + ICD-10 map files are then generated by WCI and QA reports checked
      • Potential for some discussion with Donna if any red flags in these reports...
    • 17:00 - ICD-0 + ICD-10 FINAL map files sent to technical team Release manager (Andrew Atkinson) before close of play
    • 18:00 - WCI to re-enable Drip Feed ready for tonight's run

16th October:

  • 02:00 - Mapping Drip feed first run after Versioning 
  • 09:00 - Donna and Mapping Team are able to re-start International Mapping work for the next cycle.

Backup plan:  If there is a Critical (P1) issue found in the final content (shouldn't be due to the new task/project validation, but we need an emergency process just in case), then WCI can import a specific fix branch straight into the Cloned Release Mapping Server, without bleed through from the next month's content.  However, this should only be used in the genuine emergency situations...

Once Final, versioned Release Build is signed off by Release Manager, it is handed over to DevOps to update the Daily Build, plus all AP validations, etc


Full manual + automated validation of the versioned content.


Automated generation of Lateralizable and SEP ref sets is still incorrect - Rory agreed to continue to publish October with the errors, and fix from November onwards


Preparation of release notes.  (NOT REQUIRED FOR OCTOBER 2021 RELEASE).

Handover of release notes to Technical release manager. (NOT REQUIRED FOR OCTOBER 2021 RELEASE).


Share with external stakeholders for pre-Production release sent to relevant stakeholders for final review, plus fixing + regression testing of all issues identified.

Andrew Atkinson

Production internal release date.

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