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Date of Preliminary Handover meeting: 

Date of Initial Handover meeting: N/A


Date of Final Handover meeting: 14th October 2021



Handover Status




Items to be discussed



Prerelease Content Management Activities:

  1. Verify that all namespace concepts (in the namespace registry) have been added
  2. Inactivate the root concept synonym referencing previous release, and add synonym to reference current release.
  3. Update copyright date on synonym (January releases only; N/A to July 2014)
  4. Send updated laterality indicator spreadsheet to technical team to support qualifier generation.
  5. Get SE and SP refset files from Yong

  6. Content Team to confirm to Release Manager that 4x MRCM refset files are complete and ready to be released (they are then extracted from the termServer during release builds via the termServer Export)

  1. MBR - done verified with Yohani by email 11 Nov 2020
  2. MBR - done please see
  3. MBR - done please see
  4. Yong to download Daily build and deliver by Friday 20th
  5. Yong to download Daily build and deliver by Friday 20th
  6. Maria confirmed all good + Yong confirmed all requests agreed for next cycle.


Discussion of existing Known Issues from the previous Release

ISRS-806 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - Checked before close of editing, content issue is resolved

ISRS-809 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - All resolved we have a validation rule in the RVF report for this now, 17 issues found and resolved, no issues in RVF report today.

ISRS-688 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - relates to the US extension, the ticket we have relating to the International release is with a failure count of 1716.
I have checked a sample of the attached file, the issue is the same, the concepts are marked fully defined by virtue of their stated IS_A relationships which was in the past acceptable, editorial policy has subsequently changed and we now require a proximal primitive parent and the addition of attribute and value pairs. These modelling issues are being addressed by the QI project in many cases using template based editing, no changes required at present.  Can we close this down then??  Yes everyone on the call agreed to resolve the ticket and confirm that the QI project will resolve these outstanding issues over the next few cycles

ISRS-807 - Getting issue details... STATUS  - As discussed with the technical team, this may require changes to the existing classification service. Further investigation and evaluation are needed before we can implement the changes in production. It is not possible to make the changes for this release. The plan is to address this issue for the July 2021 release. We will update the ticket when the progress has been made.   Agreed by everyone on the call to be carried over to July 2021 as too high risk to make classifier changes now - will be planned in for next cycle.



Content Validation Activities in the Current Release cycle:

  1. Concepts that have changed its high level hierarchy ancestor since last release
  2. Concepts with FSNs with changed semantic tags
  3. Active concepts with changed FSNs (check for shifts in meaning)
  4. Concepts *in*-activated since the last release
  5. Concepts *re*-activated since the last release
  6. Concepts that changed from fully defined to primitive
  7. Concepts that changed from primitive to fully defined
  8. New FSNs: Check for adherence to naming conventions, no acronyms, etc.
  9. Spell checking for new descriptions and/or manual inspection
  10. Review all new and changed text definitions
  11. Additions/removals of members of VMP refset (Inactive concepts still in the VMP refsets are removed during release extraction)
  12. Additions/removals of members of VTM refset (Inactive concepts still in the VTM refsets are removed during release extraction)
  13. Verify that there have been no changes to the Non-human refset in the Workbench.
  14. Additions/removals of members of ICD-O simple map refset (Inactive concept still in the ICDO map are removed during release extraction)
  15. Active concepts having active historical associations and reasons for inactivation


Content Team Support availability - Confirm which members of the content team will remain on stand-by until clean database milestone is achieved after release build file QA and post-release assertions are validated.

Maria and Yong will be around. 



Early visibility of Release Notes

Andrew Atkinson has created the template to update on Confluence: SNOMED CT October 2021 International Edition - SNOMED International Release notes - content team to update with relevant figures for January 2021 content.....

ACTION: Maria Braithwaite and Donna Morgan will kindly aim to get them to Andrew Atkinson by 25 November 2020.

Yong and Linda to confirm whether or not we need to add info on the new metadata concepts....

ACTION: Monica Harry and Paul Amos to review and approve once complete


6Brief run through of the known issues already identified by the content team during the QA batch process, to ensure that technical team are aware of them, and can either resolve them in time for the release, or confirm as known issues.

Maria confirmed all tickets complete.

7Versioning and Change Freeze

Plan is to follow the new process as defined last cycle:  xTechnical Team Release tasks - August 2021

AAT notified Terance accordingly straight after the call on  

Versioning + related issues complete and resolved as of  =  INFRA-5998 - Getting issue details... STATUS  +  INFRA-6002 - Getting issue details... STATUS

8Stats Report

Peter confirmed reports will not be updated now, as most are based on Delta's, and once we've versioned the Delta files will be empty!  So we need to check the original reports run by Maria (above) straight after her authoring checks were complete, and just manually take all of the latest fixes (like ISRS-921 - Getting issue details... STATUS , etc) into account.


None raised


Release schedule task for today - Content Release Lead to request (via Infra ticket) the maintenance screen to be raised in Production, to prevent further updates to International content

ISRS-921 - Getting issue details... STATUS  still needs to be resolved - Maria will implement in a fix branch off RFBJAN21 and AAT will regression test (as feedback_fix release type) once complete.

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