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Date of Preliminary Handover meeting:   

Date of Initial Handover meeting:   

Date of Final Handover meeting:  


  • Andrew Atkinson (AAT)
  • Monica Harry (MHA)
  • Donna Morgan (DMO)
  • Penni Hernandez (PHE)


  • Lesley MacNeil (LMA)
  • Rory Davidson (RDA)
  • Michael Chu (MCH)

Handover Status




Items to be discussed



Prerelease Content Management Activities:

  1. Verify that all namespace concepts (in the namespace registry) have been added
  2. Inactivate the root concept synonym referencing previous release, and add synonym to reference current release.
  3. Update copyright date on synonym (January releases only; N/A to July 2014)
  4. Confirm all conflict adjudications have been resolved
  5. Confirm there are no equivalency conflicts after classification
  6. Send updated laterality indicator spreadsheet to technical team to support qualifier generation.
  7. Donna to confirm with the UKTC (on the weekly call) to confirm they have nothing outstanding in QA status after content cut off for each release - as in July 2017 this started to cause problems in our mapping process...


  1. ACTION: Monica Harry to verify in the Final handover meeting, for the time being MHA is sure there are no new ones to be added, but given th new process (with Juliet leaving), MHA just needs to double check first.

    1. Monica confirmed that termMed requested the new Spanish namespace on 11th May (1 day after content cut off). Therefore, it hasn't currently been created for July 2017. RDA and all agreed that if we have Alpha changes we'll add it in then, but if we don't then we'll create it for the Jan 2018 Release, and allow them to use it in the October 2017 Spanish Edition.

    2. This concept was created when we found it necessary to create Alpha feedback fixes, so this is now all sorted.

  2. ACTION: Michael Chu to ask technical team to call the TS API direct in order to a) update the Root concept directly, and b) update the copyright date on the synonym. MCH to confirm complete as of the final handover meeting.

    1. MCH to confirm...confirmed MCH updated to July 2017 as planned

  3. MHA verified that as of this point there are no remaining outstanding – only possible issue is the 100 or so coming through from the Drugs project - ACTION: Monica Harry to email Toni to confirm that she will deal with these before the content cut off

    1. MHA confirmed that "Not all of the 100 validation errors are drug related (most are) but they are false positives that are apparently triggered by the word “acid” in a drug name. I don’t know what underlying rule changed to cause them to appear but there is nothing to fix." - MHA Asked Should these be whitelisted? AAT answered yes if recurring issues, no if one-offs.

    2. MHA to verify that this has been complete in the final handover meeting - MHA and PHE confirmed all complete and issues resolved

  4. MHA verified that as of this point there are no remaining outstanding – ACTION: Monica Harry to verify in the Final handover meeting - confirmed

  5. ACTION: Andrew Atkinson to speak to Yong about this, as this will now come from the Refset tool - Yongsheng Gao will confirm with AAT - Yong confirmed in the tool, AAT downloaded and ready to release.


Content Validation Activities:

  1. Concepts that have changed its high level hierarchy ancestor since last release
  2. Concepts with FSNs with changed semantic tags
  3. Active concepts with changed FSNs (check for shifts in meaning)
  4. Concepts *in*-activated since the last release
  5. Concepts *re*-activated since the last release
  6. Concepts that changed from fully defined to primitive
  7. Concepts that changed from primitive to fully defined
  8. New FSNs: Check for adherence to naming conventions, no acronyms, etc.
  9. Spell checking for new descriptions and/or manual inspection
  10. Review all new and changed text definitions
  11. Additions/removals of members of VMP refset (Inactive concepts still in the VMP refsets are removed during release extraction)
  12. Additions/removals of members of VTM refset (Inactive concepts still in the VTM refsets are removed during release extraction)
  13. Verify that there have been no changes to the Non-human refset in the Workbench.
  14. Additions/removals of members of ICD-O simple map refset (Inactive concept still in the ICDO map are removed during release extraction)
  15. Active concepts having active historical associations and reasons for inactivation


MHA has been analysing the Daily Build RVF results for the past few weeks, and working with Michael to clear down the failures. We just, therefore, need to confirm that the RVF report is now:

a) In the Preliminary Handover meeting it is being cleaned on a daily basis, with the intention of having it cleared down completely by the handover on 10th May 2017

b) Clean in the Final Handover meeting (before we version the content)

ACTION: Michael Chu to therefore run Content Validation through on the final cut-off content from 10th May 2017 onwards, in order to identify any outstanding issues and resolve them before 15th May when the mapping cut off takes place.  This was completed and validation passed



Content Team Support availability - Confirm which members of the content team will remain on stand-by until clean database milestone is achieved after release build file QA and post-release assertions are validated.

Monica and Yong will all be around to support wherever needed, except for the 23rd-28th May, when Monica is away (Yong will cover this)



Early visibility of Release Notes


ACTION: Andrew Atkinson to provide template to update on Confluence - MHA and DMO will kindly aim to get them to me by 19th May 2017. Completed on 17th May 2017.

ACTION: Lesley MacNeil to review and approve... - done on  



Discussion of existing Known Issues from the previous Release


Issue ID: ISRS-153

MHA has resolved this already in the July 2017 editing branch. ACTION: Andrew Atkinson to verify this has been fixed in Release testing... resolved - Monica to verify in final Beta browser

Issue ID: ISRS-46

MHA to ensure that she has resolved this already in the July 2017 editing branch, and if not resolve now.

MHA confirmed that she has already changed inactivation reason to "not semantically equivalent" see INTQA-629 - To be reviewed and promoted then MHA will close ticket.

MHA confirmed now promoted and ready for release - ACTION: Andrew Atkinson to verify this has been fixed in Release testing...Monica confirmed all good

Issue ID: ISRS-50
ACTION: Andrew Atkinson Chased KKE to confirm if this has been fixed for July 2017..Confirmed assertions passed in Beta release...AAT to reconfirm in final Production release....

Issue ID: ISRS-102
ACTION: Andrew Atkinson to verify this has been fixed in Release testing...AAT Confirmed maps now included in Beta release...AAT to reconfirm in final Production release....

Issue ID: ISRS-149
ACTION: Andrew Atkinson to verify this has been fixed in Release testing...Confirmed removed in Beta release...AAT to re-confirm in final Production release...

6Brief run through of the known issues already identified by the content team during the QA batch process, to ensure that technical team are aware of them, and can either resolve them in time for the release, or confirm as known issues.
There is only one known outstanding issues here (100 outstanding Drugs conflicts) - MHA to confirm that these are all closed down in time for the Final handover meeting - Still being worked through as of 16:00 on 09/05/2017 (due to merge issues in the tool) - this may delay the cut off slightly and have a knock on effect on the release timelines - we will confirm once complete

One other potential issue is the Case Significance change (7000+) - MHA to check with Lesley to ensure that no review is required here... Lesley confirmed that she will ask Yong to action a sample test (AAT to tell Yong once the script has completed successfully and he can therefore start testing). ACTION: Lesley MacNeil to ask Yong to test.

ACTION: Andrew Atkinson to let Yong know when ready to test - done in Alpha

MHA to send AAT the 4 outstanding RVF issues that she is unable to resolve, due to them being warnings (and one being a result of a back end fix to 2 stated relationships)

ACTION: Andrew Atkinson to verify these can be safely ignored as warnings...confirmed

7Versioning and Change Freeze

Monica and Yong will all be around to support wherever needed. And no promotion to main once authoring commences until notified.

Planned for 11th May, with proposed change freeze until 15th May (Monday afterwards) - team to catchup on Admin and Release Notes etc during this period.

Confirmed all completed as planned

8Stats Report

MHA has now been using the Daily Build QA report (which will contain data from the next Release Cycle by the time this Release is published) -

ACTION: Monica Harry will run the spell check and RVF one final time after the cut off is complete...

MHA can also now use this for the stats in the Release Notes, as once content cut off is complete, this Daily Build report will show the static version for the July 2017 International Edition.

ACTION: Monica Harry The only thing we need to be careful of here is large updates during Alpha/Beta release cycle - so MHA to run this again after Beta release is complete and update Release Notes if required.


DMO raised a risk that Yong said there would be another 120 ICD-0 concepts to come through before the cut off date of 4th May, but yet when she looks at the completed queue there are only a few in there - so potentially an issue with hitting the 120 by tomorrow. MHA to chase immediately...

Yong confirmed that the total number is about 100 concepts. Most of them have already been promoted to the mainline. I will provide a list of concept IDs when all tasks are promoted to the mainline. There will be less than 10 concepts tomorrow (May 4th to Main then pending drip feed)


AAT asked why DMO and MHA were unable to view the 100 concepts already promoted to MAIN??YONG REPLIED: Currently, the mapping tool does not automatically push new morphologies in SNOMED CT for mapping. Those new concepts in the mainline are still not visible in the mapping tool. The issue has been reported and discussed at this release, as noted in the above ticket, I will create a list of all new morphologies when they are all promoted to main. Then, Donna will use this list to get the concepts for mapping. It would be helpful that the new morphologies will be available for mapping in future. The estimated number of concepts for ICD-O mapping is based on the CRS requests. Please let me know if you need any further information.

ACTION: Monica Harry MOnica to validate that the missing MRCM metadata is actually available in the system - to confirm to AAT asap - Monica confirmed that they were all in teh latest Beta branch via Skype at 15:39 on 7/6/2017) - she will also reconfirm in Beta browser + final Production release.

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