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Date of Preliminary Handover meeting: n/a

Date of Initial Handover meeting:   

Date of Final Handover meeting:  


  • Andrew Atkinson (AAT)
  • Maria Braithwaite (MBR)
  • Donna Morgan (DMO)
  • Lesley MacNeil (LMA)
  • Michael Chu (MCH)


  • Rory Davidson (RDA)

Handover Status




Items to be discussed



Prerelease Content Management Activities:

  1. Verify that all namespace concepts (in the namespace registry) have been added
  2. Inactivate the root concept synonym referencing previous release, and add synonym to reference current release.
  3. Update copyright date on synonym (January releases only; N/A to July 2014)
  4. Confirm all conflict adjudications have been resolved
  5. Confirm there are no equivalency conflicts after classification
  6. Send updated laterality indicator spreadsheet to technical team to support qualifier generation.
  7. Donna to confirm with the UKTC (on the weekly call) to confirm they have nothing outstanding in QA status after content cut off for each release - as in July 2017 this started to cause problems in our mapping process...


  1. MBR confirmed all done - again to verify in the Final handover meeting.

    1. MBR confirmed that the new Spanish namespace has been created for July 2017 Release as planned, in order to cover for the fact that we allowed them to use it provisionally in the October 2017 Spanish Edition.

  2. MBR and MCH confirmed was already done back in August 2017

  3. MBR and MCH confirmed was already done back in August 2017

  4. MBR confirmed nothing outstanding

  5. MBR confirmed nothing outstanding

  6. ACTION: Andrew Atkinson to speak to Yong about this, as this will now come from the Refset tool - MBR already spoken to Yongsheng Gao who confirmed it will be complete by 13th November 2017 - COMPLETE

  7. Donna confirmed that this collaborative work has now reached it's conclusion, and so this is no longer an issue as UKTC no longer have access to our tool.


Content Validation Activities:

  1. Concepts that have changed its high level hierarchy ancestor since last release
  2. Concepts with FSNs with changed semantic tags
  3. Active concepts with changed FSNs (check for shifts in meaning)
  4. Concepts *in*-activated since the last release
  5. Concepts *re*-activated since the last release
  6. Concepts that changed from fully defined to primitive
  7. Concepts that changed from primitive to fully defined
  8. New FSNs: Check for adherence to naming conventions, no acronyms, etc.
  9. Spell checking for new descriptions and/or manual inspection
  10. Review all new and changed text definitions
  11. Additions/removals of members of VMP refset (Inactive concepts still in the VMP refsets are removed during release extraction)
  12. Additions/removals of members of VTM refset (Inactive concepts still in the VTM refsets are removed during release extraction)
  13. Verify that there have been no changes to the Non-human refset in the Workbench.
  14. Additions/removals of members of ICD-O simple map refset (Inactive concept still in the ICDO map are removed during release extraction)
  15. Active concepts having active historical associations and reasons for inactivation

MBR has been analysing the Daily Build RVF results for the past few weeks, and working with Michael to clear down the failures. We just, therefore, need to confirm that the RVF report is now:

a) In the Preliminary Handover meeting it is being cleaned on a daily basis, with the intention of having it cleared down completely by the handover on 10th May 2017

b) Clean in the Final Handover meeting (before we version the content)

ACTION: Michael Chu - to complete fixes for ISRS-279 and ISRS-280 then will re-build Daily Build as clean... - COMPLETE

  1. INFRA-1911 (and INFRA-1901) - Resolve component deletions by executing removal script
    1. Gabor now fixed - DevOps to run the fix, then Maria to confirm she's now happy that the descriptions have been removed
  2. INFRA-1629 - Validation results invalid?
    1. Gabor now fixed - DevOps to run the fix, then Maria to confirm she's now happy that the language refset record has been removed

ACTION: Michael Chu to add new RVF assertions to cover these scenarios in future releases...

ACTION: Michael Chu to finally run another diff report to confirm all SPanish ID clashes are now cleared down by Peter's fix....

ACTION: Michael Chu to open ISRS ticket to track the SPanish ID's through this release and ensure no regression issues...

ACTION: Michael Chu to resolve ISRS-212 (2 new exampels of the same issues that were already resolved in July) - by Friday - and re-run afterwards...

ACTION: Gabor to complete work on APDS-408.... - NO LONGER INTERNATIONAL IMPACT, MS ONLY (confirmed by Gabor on 16/11/2017)

ACTION: Andrew Atkinson to therefore run the Content Validation report through on the final cut-off content from 10th November 2017 onwards, in order to identify any outstanding issues and resolve them before 15th November 2017 when the mapping cut off takes place.  - COMPLETED  



Content Team Support availability - Confirm which members of the content team will remain on stand-by until clean database milestone is achieved after release build file QA and post-release assertions are validated.

Maria, Donna and Yong will all be around to support wherever needed



Early visibility of Release Notes


Andrew Atkinson has created the template to update on Confluence: SNOMED CT January 2018 International Edition - SNOMED International Release notes - see here with relevant figures replaced with ??????? ready to be replaced with the relevant Jan 2018 figures

ACTION: Maria Braithwaite and Donna Morgan will kindly aim to get them to Andrew Atkinson by 17th November 2017.

ACTION: Lesley MacNeil to review and approve... - done on  



Discussion of existing Known Issues from the previous Release


  1. ISRS-257 - Add new refsetDescriptor records to Jan 2018 International Edition
    1. Awaiting technical implementation by Andrew Atkinson after confirmation on SRS/RVF
  2. ISRS-209 - Need termServer to prevent re-basing of Release branches
    1. Awaiting confirmation of closure of APDS-239, then Andrew Atkinson to close
  3. ISRS-177 - ICD-0 map historical issues
    1. Donna confirmed she is now satisfied with the answer on this one - Andrew Atkinson to verify 3 examples in final release...
  4. ISRS-206 - CaseSignificance changes that have yet to be implemented
    1. Peter's confirmed fixes now applied in Prod - Maria confirmed she's happy, so Andrew Atkinson to spot check in Int Edition validation
    2. Remainder logged as Known Issue for future release cycles
  5. ISRS-176 - RVF Assertion failure: 19423070-7118-45bd-98ba-6d0dc18bc619
    1. Fix is still in Dev, so likely only be fixed for July 2018 - only a technical issue though not content
    2. MCH confirmed that fix is still in Dev, so likely only be fixed for July 2018 - only a technical issue though not content

  6. ISRS-233 - Historical issues related to MRCM Cardinality validation
    1. MCH confirmed fix implemented...AAT closed ticket
  7. ISRS-192 - Concepts not using the expected attribute
    1. Andrew Atkinson to validate as part of the Jan 2018 release cycle
  8. ISRS-169 - 46 active core descriptions that have no acceptability in any dialect
    1. Andrew Atkinson to validate as part of the Jan 2018 release cycle
  9. ISRS-145 - AttributeValue records with both and Active and Inactive record for the same content
    1. Michael Chu confirmed fix implemented...
  10. ISRS-270 - RVF Assertion failure: 19423070-7118-45bd-98ba-6d0dc18bc619
    1. Maria confirmed that this has been fixed in time for the Jan 2018 Int Edition - Andrew Atkinson to validate as part of the Jan 2018 release cycle

  11. ISRS-225 - Descriptions that are incompatible with related concepts (RF1)
    1. RF1 issue for UKTC to confirm during upcoming Alpha/Beta testing
  12. ISRS-224 - Re-use of Relationship ID's (RF1)
    1. RF1 issue for UKTC to confirm during upcoming Alpha/Beta testing
  13. ISRS-156 - Text definition set as the en-GB preferred term of a concept (July 2017)
    1. Michael Chu to confirm once fix implemented...
  14. ISRS-218 - Inactive concepts with descriptions of status 0 (RF1)
    1. RF1 issue for UKTC to confirm during upcoming Alpha/Beta testing
  15. ISRS-220 - Metadata concepts without IS_A relationships (RF1)
    1. RF1 issue for UKTC to confirm during upcoming Alpha/Beta testing
  16. ISRS-8 - Additional, non-defining relationships
    1. This is now to be addressed in the short to medium term by the introduction of the SEP refset in the July 2017 International Edition. This ticket will therefore be put on hold until the permanent solution (the Anatomy remodelling) has been completed by the Content Team...

6Brief run through of the known issues already identified by the content team during the QA batch process, to ensure that technical team are aware of them, and can either resolve them in time for the release, or confirm as known issues.

See section 2 for current known issues...

7Versioning and Change Freeze

Everyone still fine with all dates on this...

Stats Report

MBR has now been using the Daily Build QA report (which will contain data from the next Release Cycle by the time this Release is published) -

ACTION: Maria Braithwaite will run the spell check and RVF one final time after the cut off is complete...

MBR can also now use this for the stats in the Release Notes, as once content cut off is complete, this Daily Build report will show the static version for the July 2017 International Edition.

ACTION: Maria Braithwaite The only thing we need to be careful of here is large updates during Alpha/Beta release cycle - so MHA to run this again after Beta release is complete and update Release Notes if required.


No known risks! Everyone comfortable so far...

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