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Date of Initial Handover meeting: 11th February 2022

Date of Final Handover meeting: 15th February 2022


Handover Status




Items to be discussed



Prerelease Content Management Activities:

  1. Inactivate the root concept synonym referencing previous release, and add synonym to reference current release.
  2. Update copyright date on synonym (January releases only)
  3. Generate + Validate SEP Refsets
  4. Generate + Validate Lateralizable Refset
  5. Content Team to confirm to Release Manager that 4x MRCM refset files are complete and ready to be released (they are then extracted from the termServer during release builds via the termServer Export)

  1. MBR - done
  2. MBR - not required as only required in January releases...
  3. Process has generated the data - AAT to cross check against report MBH sent:
    2. Report shows 34 changes - 26 new records + 8 inactivations
    3. Association Snapshot in Feb release shows 34 records with 20220228 effectiveTime - 26 new records + 8 inactivations
  4. Process has generated the data - AAT to cross check against report MBH sent:
    2. Report shows 342 changes - 9 new records + 9 inactivations + 324 updates
    3. SimpleRefset Snapshot in Feb release shows 342 records with 20220228 effectiveTime - 333 new/updated records + 9 inactivations
  5. Yong confirmed he will try to follow the deadlines for the monthly releases - 
    1. No expected MRCM changes for the February 2022 release - as confirmed by MBH

Discussion of existing Known Issues from the previous Release

  1. MSSP-1357 - Peter fixing in a task branch on 11/2/22, Maria to test and promote - AAT to regression test in Prod Release BEFORE VERSIONING
    1. Testing Complete and signed off
  2. INFRA-8398 - Traceability failures - MCH confirming if they’re all false positives…BEFORE VERSIONING
    1. Complete - Michael confirmed all false positives
  3. INFRA-8402 - RefsetDescriptor - RDA confirmed we should just remove them from scope for now, so I’ve raised Dev ticket to exclude them automatically

Content Validation 

  1. Instead of usual manual Content validation, we now just need confirmation that all Projects had automated validation run against them, and were clean before promotion.
  2. New Issues identified by the community from the previous Monthly Release.
    1. Decision on whether to fix the issues:
      1. VERY QUICKLY in time for this upcoming release?
      2. In good time for the next monthly release?

  1. Content Release Lead confirms to Release Manager that all Projects had automated validation run against them, and all issues identified were resolved before promotion - MBR confirmed all done and nothing outstanding other than SEP + Laterality issues...

4Mapping schedule

Donna confirmed she's happy with the schedule, and they're also already up to date with the final content.

Mapping process delivered ICD-0 + ICD10 files to AAT on time this cycle

Did mapping process work well this time??   Yes, process was good

HOWEVER, the counts don't match Donna's manual counts exactly, so we will investigate further:

  • ICD-0 = Manual mapping count = 4 new records, only 3 new records coming through in Delta files
  • ICD-10 = Manual mapping count = 477 new records, 485 new records coming through in Delta files
    • Donna sent report:
    • Compared Delta file changes to report:
      • Delta file showed most differences were due to 47 updated records in the Delta, in addition to that there was only one missing concept:
        • 1196866006
      • Confirmed with Rick that this was a concept that was added to the content (therefore came through to mapping in the drip feed), and was then removed from the content before the monthly release! 
      • Therefore should be missing from the Delta files - just should also be removed from Donna's manual counts (based on the drip feed) - she will work with Rick to get visibility of the Mapping QA report to remove these concepts from her counts
      • (see email trail at 16:24 on 15/2/2022)
5Brief run through of the known issues already identified by the content team during the QA batch process, to ensure that technical team are aware of them, and can either resolve them in time for the release, or confirm as known issues.

Maria confirmed all tickets complete

6Versioning and Change Freeze

Plan is to follow the new processes as now defined: 

AAT walked through and agreed new process with DevOps already, so unless there are any further questions/issues??

AAT to sign off PreProduction (unversioned) build before 11:00 on 15th February, and then:

  • Versioning + related issues to be completed and resolved as of  - DONE!
7Stats Report

Peter confirmed reports will not be updated now, as most are based on Delta's, and once we've versioned the Delta files will be empty!  So we need to check the original reports run by Maria (above) straight after her authoring checks were complete, and just manually take all of the latest fixes into account.


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