Resources for training.

Topics Covered

  • Reporting Automations
  • Wrapper script installation and use
  • Manually generating reports (no script)
  • Wiring a cron job



Following is a script for the attached video.


  • Login to prod server via command-line interface to show files involved.

Briefly mention the documentation on reporting

  • Reports are attached to projects
  • Reports can be viewed through the dashboard widget
  • Reports can either be generated automatically or on demand
  • Mojos:  Mention the ReportsGenerateDailyMojo

Wrapper script:  Very simple one.

  • As with all wrapper scripts, find them in ~/bin
  • cd ~/bin/, more dailyReports.csh
  • Note the config properties to set (MAPPING_CODE, MAPPING_CONFIG, MAPPING_DATA)
  • Note that emails are automatically sent if any problems occur

Manually generating reports:

  • Mention mojo again
  • Note that reports can be "faked" going back in time, but accuracy cannot be fully guaranteed.
    • start date and end date specified to do this

Wiring to cron job:

  • crontab:  program used to install, remove, or list the current cronjobs
  • Demonstrate crontab -l, crontab -e
  • Note MAILTO and column headers, direct to online documentation
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