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SNOMED CT can be combined with complementary eHealth standards to create SNOMED-specific resources. When these resources are owned by SNOMED International, they may require a URI. For example, the HL7 FHIR Specification uses URIs for various entities, including FHIR resources, profiles and implementation guides. FHIR profiles, which define recommended SNOMED CT bindings, and FHIR implementation guides, which document best practice for implementing a FHIR system using SNOMED CT, require unique SNOMED CT URIs. Similarly, SNOMED-specific modelling resources using other eHealth standards may also require unique SNOMED CT URIs.


The specific URI format used to identify a SNOMED-specific resource will depend on the requirements of the relevant eHealth standard. However, they will all follow the general format:{eHealthStandard}/{eHealthStandardSpecificURIFormat}}

For example, HL7 FHIR modelling resources will use the format:{resourceType}/{resourceName} 

with resource types including:

    • StructureDefinition
    • ImplementationGuide

Other standard-specific formats will be defined as required.


The following table shows some examples of URIs for FHIR modelling resources.

Table 2.7-1: Examples

Resource InstanceURI
FHIR Profile

FHIR Implementation Guide

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