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There are a number of additional features of SNOMED CT that do not have SCTIDs or UUIDs, but which still need to be identified. URIs are required to identify these additional features to support use cases such as representing SNOMED CT in OWL (e.g. to identify certain annotations) and referring to SNOMED CT properties (e.g. characteristicTypeId) from other standards (e.g. CTS2). To address these requirements we define a general set of URIs identifying the RF2-based properties of components.


The URI space for these properties follows the pattern:{tableName}.{fieldName}

Valid table names include those described as possible values for the content type element in the File Naming Conventions1 for RF2. Note, these URIs identify the property itself, not the value or values that may be associated with the property.


Table 2.6-1: Examples of URIs for SNOMED CT RF2 properties.


The definitionSatusId property in the RF2 concept file
The characteristicTypeId property in the RF2 relationship file
The referencedComponentId property in a RF2 simple reference set file
The mapTarget property in a RF2 simple map reference set file

Ref Notes
1 Release File Specification - section 3.3.2 Release File Naming Convention