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A SNOMED CT component is a concept, description or relationship that conforms with the SNOMED CT logical model. All SNOMED CT components are identified by an SCTID. 1 .

A SNOMED CT reference set member is a uniquely identified row of a reference set. All reference set members are identified by a UUID (rather than an SCTID).


URIs for components, based on the corresponding SCTID, take the following form:{sctid}

URIs for members of a Reference Set, based on the corresponding UUID, take the following form:{uuid}

For simplicity this document refers to either of the above forms as a component URI.


The following table shows some examples of URIs for components and reference set members.

Table 2.2-1: Examples

The description "Appendicitis" with id=123558018
The reference set member that defines "Appendicitis" as preferred in the en-US language reference set

Ref Notes
1 Component features - Identifiers