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Edition and version-relative URIs are useful to identify characteristics of components and reference set members that are specific to an edition or version. Conceptually, they build on the idea of what one resource (e.g. the version) says about another (e.g. a component).


Edition-relative URIs for components take the following form:{moduleid}/id/{sctid}

Version-relative URIs for components take the following form:{moduleid}/version/{time}/id/{sctid}

Edition-relative URIs for reference set members take the following form:{moduleid}/id/{uuid}

Version-relative URIs for reference set members take the following form:{moduleid}/version/{time}/id/{uuid}


The following table shows some examples of URIs for components in a specific SNOMED CT versioned edition.

Table 2.3-1: Examples


The concept 74400008 | Appendicitis| in SNOMED CT international edition, 31 January 2013

The concept  2771000032106 | Open reduction of fracture of ankle (procedure)|  from the 20160930 Australian edition
The November 30th 2012 version of the Australian 'Emergency department findings in presenting problem reference set'
The reference set member that defines "Appendicitis" as preferred in the international en-US language reference set, 31 January 2017