National Release Centres and others may create additional reference sets. A namespace is required to create a new reference set, as each reference set is defined by a concept. The concept's FSN and a synonym are used to name the reference set. Where a new reference set is created against an existing pattern, then the following naming convention should be used (where the text "Specific name" is to be replaced by the specific name of the reference set).

Attribute Value Reference Set

  • FSN = Specific name attribute value reference set (foundation metadata concept )
  • PT = Specific name  attribute value map

Language Reference Set

For a Language:

  • FSN =   Language name  [International Organization for Standardization 639-1 code Language code] language reference set (foundation metadata concept )
    • Example:  900000000000507009 English [International Organization for Standardization 639-

  • PT =   Language name

For a Dialect:

  • FSN = Dialect name  Language name language reference set (foundation metadata concept )
    • Example:

  • PT = Dialect code  Language name

Annotation Reference Set

  • FSN = Specific name annotation reference set (foundation metadata concept )
  • PT = Specific name annotation reference set

Association Reference Set

  • FSN = Specific name association reference set (foundation metadata concept )
  • PT = Specific name association reference set