This is an abbreviation for SNOMED CT concept.

SNOMED CT concept

A clinical idea to which a unique concept identifier has been assigned.


  • SNOMED CT concepts are distributed in the concept file.
  • Concepts are associated with descriptions that contain human-readable terms describing the concept.

  • Concepts are related to one another by relationships and OWL axioms that provide a formal logical definition of the concept.


  • Concept

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Not to be confused with:

  • Concept, in its more general dictionary usages, referring to an idea or to a class of real-world entities. When working with SNOMED CT, the words "idea" or "meaning" are suggested instead of this more general use of concept.
  • Concept identifier. For clarity when referring to the identifier of a SNOMED CT concept, specifically refer to the "concept identifier", "concept id" or "code" rather than using the word concept.

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