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From January 2013, the SNOMED CT International Release includes a mapping table from clinical concepts in SNOMED CT to codes listed in ICD-10. SNOMED CT to ICD-10 Maps are represented as members of a single Reference Set called the ICD-10 Extended Reference Set (see Release File Formats: Complex and Extended Map from SNOMED CT Reference Sets). This Reference Set contains all Map member data.

The World Health Organization will identify publication mechanisms as they see fit.

Agreed updated versions of ICD-10 released by the WHO Update and Revision Committee shall be subject to a revision of the MAP twice yearly and included in the next following SNOMED CT release. Incremental changes to the ICD-10 will be documented employing the versioning mechanism supported by the standard SNOMED CT Release File Specification

SNOMED International welcomes the opportunity to work with organizations or institutions who are interested in undertaking usage validation of the SNOMED CT to ICD-10 Map. Please contact for more information.

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