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A specialization of a concept, sharing all the definitional attributes of that concept, but with at least one additional distinguishing feature1 .


  • Subtypes are transitive, that is if A is a subtype of B and B is a subtype of C, then A is also a subtype of C.
  • The term subtype is synonymous with subtype descendant. However, it may be helpful to use the term subtype descendant to emphasize inclusion of all subtypes not just subtype children.



Not to be confused with:

  • The term subtype is sometimes used incorrectly to refer only to concepts that are directly related to a parent concept via a single |is a| relationship. The correct term for a directly related subtype concept is subtype child.

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Ref Notes
1 Note that the distinguishing features may or may not be represented in the concept definition of the subtype.

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