This glossary does not provide a formal definition for this term as it has a wide range of meanings, and several of these meanings may be used in connection with SNOMED CT and the services, applications and organization that use SNOMED CT.  For further information please see the disambiguation notes below.


  • Meanings of the word code commonly used in connection with SNOMED CT  and the services, applications and organizations that use  SNOMED CT include:
    1. SNOMED CT concept identifiers and expressions used to represent clinical meanings may sometimes be informally referred to as "SNOMED codes". 


    2. Codes in code systems or classifications that are used with or mapped to/from SNOMED CT.
    3. Software code written in a computer programming language (or compiled as machine executable code) that determines the operation of an application or device. 
    4. Codes used to represent characters and symbols in computer storage and communication (e.g. UTF-8).
    5. Cryptographic codes used to support secure access to and/or communication of data.


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