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Updating an extension involves creating new versions of components and reference set members that are required in the extension. Please refer to 5.4 Authoring for more information about principles and process for adding, modifying and inactivating content in an extension. In some situations, content may also need to be promoted from the extension into the International Edition (or another extension on which it depends). 

Update Module Dependencies

When a new version of an extension is created, new rows must be added to the module dependency reference set to reflect the dependencies of the new version of the extension. The effectiveTime and the sourceEffectiveTime of the added rows must be set to the date of the new extension release. The targetEffectiveTime must be set to the version of the module on which the extension modules depends (as identified by the referencedComponentId).

Updates to the module dependency reference set are required:

  • For all existing rows in the module dependency reference set, to indicate that the dependency now applies to the new version of each module - ie the sourceEffectiveTime must be updated to the date of the extension release. If the extension module is now dependent on a new version of the target module, then the targetEffectiveTime must also be updated.
  • For any module dependency that is no longer applicable. In this case, the relevant member of the module dependency reference set should be inactivated.
  • For any new module dependency that applies to the new version of the extension. In this case, a new reference set member must be added to the module dependency reference set.

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