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Authoring is the process by which content is created in an extension in accordance with a set of authoring principles. These principles ensure the quality of content and referential integrity between content in the extension and content in the International Edition. It is the responsibility of an extension producer to author concepts, descriptions and relationships in the extension while maintaining the aforementioned quality and referential integrity.

Terminology and extension producers need tools to assist with the authoring process, and many of the authoring principles described in the following sections can be automatically validated. It is therefore important to consider these principles when establishing requirements for an authoring tool. Furthermore, an extension producer should be aware of these principles and ensure that the content they develop in their extension does not directly modify any components or derivatives in a module belonging to another organization, such as the International Edition of SNOMED CT.

The following sections present key principles for authoring components and reference sets within an extension. 

Please note that this section is not intended to teach how clinical content is authored. Clinical content is authored in accordance with editorial rules. For more information, please refer to the Editorial Guide.

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