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Reference set members may be inactivated when

  • The reference set member is no longer relevant or valid in the reference set in which it is being used
  • The reference set to which the reference set member belongs is inactivated


Any inactivation of reference set members should be done in the module of the reference set producer. 


The table below provides a summary of the process to follow when removing members from a reference set.

File TypeProcess
Reference Set

The following steps should be taken to inactivate a reference set member

Create a new version of the reference set member to be inactivated.

Versioning and module identification attributes are set accordingly:

  • effectiveTime is set to the date the extension will be published
  • active is set to reflect the status of the reference set member, i.e. 0 for inactive
  • moduleId is set to identify a module managed by the extension producer

All other attribute values are retained.

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