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Prior to creating the components or reference sets in an extension, some preliminary steps must be completed. These tasks include:

  1. Obtaining a namespace identifier from SNOMED International
    • A namespace identifier is required to generate component identifiers (SCTIDs)
  2. Acquiring the appropriate tools to support the creation, management, and distrbution of the extension
    • Which tools, functionalities and services are required will depend on the content of the extension
    • For more information please refer to  Tooling Requirements
    • Note that these tools will be used to complete the steps listed below
  3. Creating module(s)  
    • At least one module concept is required
    • Components and reference sets which belong to the extension are assigned to the approriate module
  4. Specifying module dependencies
    • These dependencies are specified using the  Module Dependency Reference Set
    • This informs the consumers of the extension as to which additional modules are required to use/process the content of the extension
      • Note that some of these modules will come from other editions (such as the International Edition) and possibly, other extensions

Figure 5.2-1  illustrates these key steps during the initial stage of extension creation.

Figure 5.2-1: Prerequisites to creating an extension

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