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National editions are published by a number of SNOMED International Members to customize the SNOMED CT International Edition to a specific country or territory.  Table 4.4.1-1 lists some examples of Members who have published national editions of SNOMED CT. Please note that the International Edition is translated into Spanish. However, this translation is performed by SNOMED International, and is therefore not distributed as a national edition.

Table 4.4.1-1: Examples of national SNOMED CT editions

Australian edition

Netherlands edition

Canadian edition

UK edition

Danish edition

Uruguay edition

US edition

Swedish edition

Table 4.4.1-2  lists some examples of published SNOMED CT editions and their included modules, as specified in the Module Dependency Reference Set. Please note that a number of Members publish more than one edition. For example, in the UK both a  national edition and clinical edition are published.

Table 4.4.1-2: Examples of national editions with their included modules

US Edition

Figure 4.4.1-1  shows the four modules contained in the 20170901 US Edition, together with their module dependencies. Two of the modules are from the 20170901 US Extension, and the other two are from the 20170731 International Edition. Please note that the module dependencies (shown as grey arrows) are date specific, so each versioned source module is dependent on a versioned target module. The module names in this diagram have been shortened for brevity.

Figure 4.4.1-1: The modules in the US edition

Table 4.4.1-3  lists the focus module and URI for the 20170901 US Edition.

Table 4.4.1-3: US Edition focus module and URI

Australian Edition

Figure 4.4.1-2 shows the five main modules in the 20171130 Australian Edition, together with their module dependencies. Two of the modules are from the 20170731 International Edition, and three are from the 20171130 Australian extension. 

Figure 4.4.1-2: The modules in the Australian Edition

Table 4.4.1-4  lists the focus module and URI for the 20171130 Australian Edition.

Table 4.4.1-4: Australian Edition focus module and URI

United Kingdom Editions

Figure 4.4.1-3  shows the eight modules contained in either the 20171001 UK Clinical Edition or the 20171108 UK Edition, together with  their dependencies. The 20171001 UK Clinical Edition contains 4 modules, including two from the International Edition and two from the UK Clinical Extension. The 20171108 UK Edition contains eight modules, including two from the International Edition, two from the UK Clinical Extension and four from the UK Drug Extension.

Figure 4.4.1-3: The modules of the two UK editions

Table 4.4.1-5  lists the focus modules and URIs for the 20171001 UK Clinical Edition and 20171108 UK Edition.

Table 4.4.1-5: UK Edition focus modules and URIs

Ref Notes
1 Note that although the | SNOMED CT to ICD-10 rule-based mapping module| is included in the International Edition release package, it is not considered part of the formal International Edition and extensions are not required to reference this module.
2 Note that the UK Clinical Edition contains the International Release and the UK SNOMED CT Clinical Extension of SNOMED CT only (not the UK Drug Extension).

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