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The first concept to be created in any extension is a module concept. The identifier of this module concept becomes the moduleId to which all extension content is assigned. The moduleId uses the namespace identifier allocated to the extension producer. Additional modules can be created within the same extension, if there is a requirement to maintain or publish sets of components separately. Module concepts must be created as a descendant of  900000000000443000 |Module (core metadata concept)| in a subhierarchy that is dedicated to the given extension provider. For more details about creating new concepts in an extension, please refer to Add Concept in an Extension.

The first module concept in an extension, and its associated descriptions, relationships and language reference set members, must all belong to the given module. This means that the id of the new module concept will match the value assigned to moduleId for that row. Subsequent module concepts can either belong to its own module, or to another module owned by the same extension producer on which the given module depends. The module concept must have the definition status |Primitive| as the |SNOMED CT Model Component (metadata)| hierarchy has no concept model attributes. Please see the following page for information about Module Naming Conventions.


The following example uses the module concept 45991000052106 |SNOMED CT Sweden NRC maintained module| from the Swedish extension. Note that this concept uses the namespace identifier assigned to the Swedish NRC - 1000052. As we can see in Table 4.2.1-1, the module identifier appears in the id column and in the moduleId column of the concept table. A value of |Primitive| is used for the definitionStatusId.  1

Table 4.2.1-1: Module concept in concept table

45991000052106 20121221145991000052106

Table 4.2.1-2 shows the two necessary descriptions for the module concept i n the description table. Note that the same namespace identifier is used as part of the description identifiers.

Table 4.2.1-2: Module descriptions in description table

3604311000052110 2012122114599100005210645991000052106enSNOMED CT Sweden NRC maintained module (core metadata concept)
3604321000052119 2012122114599100005210645991000052106enSNOMED CT Sweden NRC maintained module

Table 4.2.1-3 shows the required |Is a| relationship for the module concept in the relationship table. Note that the same namespace identifier is used as part of the relationship identifier.

Table 4.2.1-3: Module relationship in relationship table

8721000052122 20121221145991000052106459910000521060

Note that a reference set is also used to specify the language preferences for the module concept. For additional details please refer to Language Reference Set.

Ref Notes
1 Please note that in the tables above the Preferred Term is shown for some fields of type SCTID to aid the readability of the tables.

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