Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a multisystem, inflammatory, autoimmune disorder; the exact etiology is unknown.  RA is a disease primarily of the joints and is clinically known as an 'arthritis' although extra-articular manifestations occur. Extra-articular features include nodules, carditis and pericarditis, vasculitis, lung disorders, and other manifestations.

69896004 |Rheumatoid arthritis (disorder)| remains a primitive concept in SNOMED CT and must be stated as a parent (IS A relationship) for all rheumatoid arthritis concepts.

For example, 

201776007 |Rheumatoid arthritis of sacroiliac joint (disorder)| 

Figure 1: Stated view of 201776007 |Rheumatoid arthritis of sacroiliac joint (disorder)| 

Example of extra-articular rheumatoid manifestation,

28880005 |Rheumatoid arthritis with carditis (disorder)|

Figure 1: Stated view of 28880005 |Rheumatoid arthritis with carditis (disorder)|

410795001 |Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (disorder)| has been inactivated with an inactivation reason of Outdated with a target replacement of 410502007 |Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (disorder)|. Subtypes of Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (disorder) are now modeled to reflect the up-to-date classification of this disorder.

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