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1.1 Background

IHTSDO is committed to adhering to the highest level of corporate governance practices. The establishment of the Management Board and appropriate board governance policies and procedures is paramount to the success of the organization. The Management Team reports directly to the Management Board and is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization. In the running of the organization and in engaging with the Community of Practice, the Management Team must have an agile vehicle to allow it to gather experts from around the world to provide advice and other contributions to the organization. These "Advisory Groups" will be key elements in the progression of the organization and will change over time, depending on the strategies, business directions and requirements of IHTSDO. The Advisory Groups will also maintain the organization's strong links to the Community of Practice.

This manual is designed to provide the Management Board, Management Team and Advisory Group members with an overview of the Advisory Group structures and the policies by which these groups will be governed.


1.2 Intended Audience

This Advisory Group Manual is intended for the entire IHTSDO community.



1.3 Scope

This document outlines the high-level governance policies and processes of the Advisory Groups and does not include operational policies and procedures, which may be found elsewhere.


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