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Date March 23, 2016  1330 UTC


meeting number 925071005


  • Dentistry SIG members, editors, other IHTSDO officials prn



  • determien how best to deal with older caries terms, final review of whether to move ahead with general dentistry term set and odontogram term set.

Discussion items

1AttendanceMark Jurkovich 
2Review of Action items from last meeting

Mark Jurkovich

3Editor's updateMaria, Penni  
4IHTSDO updateeditors or other IHTSDO officials  
5Review of caries termsMark Jurkovichrefer to the caries spreadsheet posted as a document for this meetingdetermine relevance of older caries terms in SNOMED CT Mark Jurkovich
6General dentistry ref set statusMark Jurkovichrefer to ref set spreadsheet and any comments posted with it as a document for this meetingstatus update and review of comments from posted spreadsheet Mark Jurkovich
7Odontogram updateJorn Andre Jorgensensee odontogram spreadsheet posted as a document for this meetingreview any comments or suggestions, determine whether this is part of the next work plan Jorn Andre Jorgensen
8Other businessMark Jurkovich  


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