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03 Feb 2016

GoToMeeting Details          meeting ID 872-114-333


Discussion items

1AttendanceMark Jurkovich


Review of Action Items from December 02 2016 meetingMark Jurkovich 


3Editors updatePenni, Mariaupdate on move to confluence, new editing format, status of changing the submission methodology 
4Update on IHTSDOJane M or editorsBusiness meeting in April, annual meeting in October, other changes that impact the professional sigs 
5Review of potential ref set for general dentistryMark JurkovichIs this valuable in your area? Do you see significant gaps applicable to your geographical region and use of dental terms?
6Review of status of Odontogram and discuss possibility of ref set for it 
  • Deferred from December meeting
7Review of caries terms currently in SNOMED CT with possible changeMark Jurkovich
  • Review group consensus
8Upcoming meetings and face to face meeting in April 2016Mark Jurkovich  
9Other BusinessMark Jurkovichany questions on use of Confluence? Comments to forward to IHTSDO? 
10AdjournMark Jurkovich  

Meeting Files

  File Modified
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Copy of caries spreadsheet Dec 18 v2.xlsx 2015-Dec-18 by Mark Jurkovich
Microsoft Word Document IHTSDO Dentistry SIG face to face meeting.docx 2015-Dec-18 by Mark Jurkovich
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Caries spreadsheet revised Jan 31 v2.xlsx 2016-Jan-31 by Mark Jurkovich
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet REFSET SORT BY mj MATCHES w sctid jan 31 v1.xlsx 2016-Jan-31 by Mark Jurkovich


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