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Progression of Concrete Domain is under the wok items for the Modeling Advisory Group. Progress can be found at this Confluence Space Modeling Advisory Group

Concrete Domains are part of the extension of Logic that the group is currently addressing, and is in the process of being broken out as a separate reporting item to ensure clarity on progression. The group is working on the first draft Logic Profile Enhancements recommendation.

2017Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease

Progress the development of concrete domains as part of Logic Profile Enhancements

  1. Technical Preview -Draft Owl Refset - snapshot of stated rels.

  1. July 31, 2017
    This technical preview was skipped. The technical preview including the new DL features will be developed in early 2018.
2018Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease
1.Progress the development of concrete domains as part of Logic Profile Enhancements

1.Technical Preview -Draft Owl Refset -Snapshot of stated rels+ GCI+ Property Axioms

2. Production Release - Owl Refset - First release of OWL refset which covers snapshot of sated rels + GCI + Property Axioms

3. Develop and agree on the schedule and specification for concrete domains

MAG recommended to implement concrete domains at the earliest opportunity to avoid transformation. Communication text has been provided to explain the dependencies on the OWL expression refset and the update of inferred relationship file. The text will be included in Editorial Guide for Medicinal Product concept model and other relevant communications.

Numerics are represented by concepts in medicinal product concept model in SNOMED CT, which is an interim solution before the implementation of concrete domains to support data types, such as decimal, integer, string and date/time. The implementation of concrete domains depends on the OWL expression reference set and the update of inferred relationship file. The first complete OWL expression refset will be available in the July 2019 international release. It will take time to update the specification for the inferred relationship file and consult with the community of practice. When they are ready, strength in medicinal product model can be transformed to concrete domains. The transformation will be completed by technical changes without impact to classification results."

  1. Completed - provided three demo releases in Feb 2018, September, Jan 2019
  2. Postponed from January 2019 to the July 2019 release. Task is transferred to 2019 item 2.
    Notifications are included in the release notes with detail of release package and optional package.
  3. Completed

2019Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease
1.Progress the development of concrete domains as part of Logic Profile Enhancements

1.Production Release - Owl Refset Support all features in SNOMED CT logic profile - Full, Snapshot and Delta of all content

Yongsheng Gao to provide feedback on potential impact to a QA strategy for latter half 2018.

  1. July 2019
2020Project ScopeDeliverablesRelease
1Update specification for Inferred relationship file
  1. Develop the specification to support concrete domain for inferred relationship file
  2. Technical preview for the updated inferred relationship file
  1. January 2020
  2. July 2020
2Transformation for concrete domains
  1. Transform object properties to datatype properties and numeric values in drug concept model
  2. Evaluate classification and representation in the updated inferred relationships file
  1. July 2020
  2. July 2020
3Implementation concrete domains
  1. Implement the updated inferred relationship file in international release and transformation of model for the international release
  1. Jan 2010
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