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1New Content Content Request Service /Guidance

 SNOMED CT Content Request Service

2019 Change to Service Level Agreement for International CRS

Deadlines -

As needed.
2Previous and Current Release Notes for SNOMED CT Products

SNOMED CT Product Release artefacts

Final Posted at Release, Beta Release 1 month prior to release date
3SNOMED CT Editorial Guide - CurrentSNOMED CT Editorial GuideFinal Posted at Release, Beta Release 1 month prior to release date
4SNOMED CT Editorial Guide - Updates updates added per release
5SNOMED CT - Accepted References ListPlease see Appendix A in the accepted reference sources in the CRS Guide located here SNOMED CT Content Request Service -please note this section is intended for guidance only and is not intended to be exhaustive. Other references sources that meet the criteria set out in Section 6.5 are also acceptable.Added as required
7Daily Build Browser - Changes to SNOMED CTLast 24 hrs

SNOMED CT Multi-Browser -This is a special version of the SNOMED CT Browser which contains the following national extensions in one view in order to provide a way to compare content across different regions
9SNOMED CT Descriptive Statistics - Descriptive Statistics on the International Release that is currently being authored.Daily
10SCA Authoring

SNOMED International Authoring Platform User Guide (SIAPUG)

Authoring Platform Version 2.9.0 - 25 April 2018 - Release Notes

Drools Rules Version 1.19 - 25 April 2018 - Release Notes

Next Scheduled Deployment - Advance Release Notes/Status (AP 2.9.1)

12Early Visibility -ChangeJanuary 2020 Early Visibility Release Notices - Planned changes to upcoming SNOMED International Release packagesAs occurring
14Member Forum NoticesClosed to MF members only Meeting schedule and/or direct email
15Content Manager Group

Content Managers Advisory Group

Content Tracker prioritisation criteria Project

Per Meeting schedule and/or direct email
16Modeling Advisory GroupModeling Advisory GroupPer Meeting schedule and/or direct email
17SNOMED CT Editorial Advisory GroupSNOMED CT Editorial Advisory GroupPer Meeting schedule and/or direct email
18Terminology Release Advisory GroupSNOMED International Terminology Release Advisory GroupPer Meeting schedule and/or direct email
20Roadmap Work Plans per Section

Structural (foundational) - Drugs, Devices, Anatomy, Organisms, Substances

Fundamental - ICD-11, CMT, Functioning, Observables, Situations, Allergies, ICD-O

Reputational - LOINC, Event Condition Episode,Nursing, Dentistry, Ophanet

Contains set deliverables & status for work plan items
21Pre-coordination Patterns

Pre-coordination Naming Patterns Project

Review of patterns blocking CRS tickets in progress.
22PMO Dashboard

Content PMO Status Reports

Summary -2017 and 2018 Activities to March C&M 2017 and Q1-2018 updates.pdf



25ClinicalClinical Engagement (Internal)
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