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  1. I have just opened a confluence account. How do I get in touch with the Anesthesia CRG? I represent the Obstetric Anaesthetists’ Association (Hon. Treasurer and Chair Quality and Outcomes SC) and am representing the Royal College of Anaesthetists on the NHSE ‘Reading the signals’ initiative. The OAA would like to work with SNOMED-CT to further develop coding vocabulary for obstetric anaesthetic care to facilitate better coding of care in national maternity datasets. Unfortunately having registered an account with Confluence I can’t identify how to contact Anesthesia CRG leads. My apologies if this post is inappropriate. Jim Bamber.

    1. Hi Jim,

      Welcome to the Anesthesia CRG, and also to the global SNOMED CT community. We look forward to your input, and working with you in the future,

      Kind regards

      Ian Green (Global Clinical Engagement Lead)

    2.  Hi Jim, thanks for getting in touch. I represent SCATA (UK Society for Computing & Technology in Anaesthesia) on the group. Would be great to get a discussion going with you, find out what your requirements are and how the CRG can help. Myself and a colleague have a project on the go with HL7-FHIR to create a FHIR implementation guide for the intra-op phase of anaesthesia. At some point we need to map out the various elements of obstetric anaesthetic care and model them - although many procedures are 'in scope' already. There is a large set of terms for Anaesthetic procedures in SNOMED and we've made a start on using them in our FHIR model.
      Would you be free for a zoom call at some point? Happy for others to join if interested.

  2. The lead is Patrick McCormick.  You can email me at  and let me know what you are looking for.

  3. Grant Forrest I would like to join you and Jim in that meeting on FHIR.  I have recruited a new member in Canada to look at the regional anesthesia terms in SNOMED

    1. Steven Dain Of course, you'd be welcome. Martin and I tend to schedule our weekly zoom meetings in the mornings but we could switch to afternoon to accommodate time zones. I'll await Jim's reply before attempting to get the stars to align.

  4. Dear Grant (and Ian and Steven), thank you for your warm welcoming of me to the Anesthesia CRG and for replying to me so quickly. I look forward to meeting with you. My email address is

    In the OAA we did some preliminary work scoping out what SNOMED-CT codes may be useful for obstetric anaesthesia and where there may be some important gaps. I will be very happy to share this work and our thoughts with you and the group. Our driver for this is to improve data collection within national maternity datasets to help with quality improvement of care ( ). Parallel to this through contacts made with our involvement with the NHSE initiative "Reading the signals" we have engaged with PRSB (Professional Record Standards Body) to discuss the inclusion of an 'obstetric anaesthesia reference set' within the DMRS (Digital Maternity Record Standard). I am due to meet with PRSB this month. Obviously the availablity of accurate relevant coding for obstetric anaesthesia will be a key foundation stone to realise our ambitions.  I appreciate that this may appear very UK centric but through the international connections of the OAA we are very attuned to the common issues shared by the global obstetric anaesthesia community.