There are terms for the intervertebral foramina, however, the intervertebral foramen is the opening between every two vertebrae where the nerve roots exit the spine, so that is not correct for epidurals. It is good for foraminal blocks

Currently there is
Structure of intervertebral space (body structure) SCTID: 47886009 and

Not really sure what these refer to? Is this referring to the space between the vertebral bodies where the disc lies? It doesn't say between which vertebrae this lays L5-S1? or under L5?

Whereas in naming the discs they are specific in their synonyms.

What we need in as second thought is really interspinous spaces.

There are interspinous ligaments for example

but no interspinous spaces (sad)  That I can find

Food for thought-an anatomist would be helpful

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  1. Steven Dain Yongsheng Gao 

    Hello Steven,

    I am pasting a reply I received by email from Yong.... Note bottom line "Please help to clarify what details is needed". 

    >> "The content for procedures and anatomy could be improved with input from anaesthetists. We could add more specific concepts of epidural space at different vertebral levels. However, clarification is needed for the location of thoracic and lumber epidurals. The location could refer to:

    1. the region of the intended effect of anaesthesia 
    2. the location of the route of the injection
    3. the site of the injection

    For example, the procedures could be documented by the existing codes. 
    302335002 |Local anesthetic thoracic epidural block (procedure)|
    180885006 |Local anesthetic lumbar epidural block (procedure)|

    The locations of these procedures are the regions of the intended effect of anaesthesia. The locations of the route and site have not been specified in these procedures. 

    The location of the route for a "transforaminal epidural" could be recorded by the existing concepts:
    << 17094008 |Structure of intervertebral foramen of thoracic vertebra (body structure)|

    << 41586005 |Structure of intervertebral foramen of lumbar vertebra (body structure)|

    The location of the route for an "interlaminar epidural" should be the space between the laminae of two adjacent vertebrae. The concepts under 47886009 |Structure of intervertebral space (body structure)| are not suitable because they are spaces of intervertebral symphysis of the vertebral body. Concepts under 89340005 |Structure of lamina of vertebra (body structure)| are also unsuitable because they represent the bony arch structure of vertebra. If the detail is needed for "interlaminar epidurals", we could add space between adjacent vertebrae. 

    The site of the epidural injection is the 54092001 |Structure of epidural space of spine (body structure)| where the substance was injected. The detail of the epidural space between vertebrae could be added. 

    Please help to clarify what details are needed." <<

    Thanks, Monica

  2. Caudal doesn't have an insertion/approach "level" as such, so the record would likely be "Sacral Epidural Block", Caudal is a synonym: