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See Anesthesia CRG 2020-04-07

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  1. Jeremy, 

    Thanks for posting the  file of COVID-19 related ICU terms in 2020-04-07 Anesthesia CRG Meeting . We will try and discuss some of it this evening and will try and find time to give you some feedback - the problem of course being that most of the active clinical members of the Anesthesia CRG will have been repurposed as ICU doctors, or like me be doing now full time or more work in ICU anyway.

    I doubt we would have time or capacity to request new terms, but if some agreed and useful ones could go through the UK terminology centre that would be very valuable

  2. Jeremy, Zac

    I've been through this again and added more comments, also suggested a few more inclusions SNOMED codes for COVID ICU 20200406 AnesCRG comments v2.xlsx