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Matters arising from the previous meeting notes

2024-03-26 Anesthesia CRG Meeting

3SNOMED Update
Reviewed various SNOMED priorities, reorganization of CRG approach



  • Analgesia sedation and classification (link to Confluence discussion)
  • Pulse volume

Review of artificial ventilation

Steven Dain 

Regarding 366201008 | Finding of pulse volume (finding)  and children  Most places use a scale 0-4+ when describing pulse volume  (+:0 indicating no palpable pulse; 1 + indicating a faint, but detectable pulse; 2 + suggesting a slightly diminished pulse than normal; 3 + is a normal pulse; and 4 + indicating a bounding pulse)  The current children are bounding, 421014001 | Pulse volume - full (finding) (not sure what that means), 64661000 | Thready pulse (finding) | with synonyms:
  en   Thready pulse (finding)
  en   Thready pulse
  en   Diminished pulse
  en   Small pulse
  en   Thin pulse
  en   Weak pulse

that can either be a 1 or 2 score.

and 54518005 | Absent pulse (finding) which is not a child of finding of pulse volume.  Need to make terms consistent with usual scales  

40617009 | Artificial ventilation (regime/therapy) |

  • Artificial respiration by electrophrenic stimulation (regime/therapy)
  •   Bilevel artificial ventilation (regime/therapy)
  •   Cuirasse ventilation (regime/therapy)          (this is a form of negative pressure ventilation)   English spelling is Cuirass  
  •   Domiciliary ventilation (regime/therapy)
  •   Liquid ventilation (regime/therapy)
    •      Fluorocarbon ventilation (regime/therapy)
  •   Mechanically assisted spontaneous ventilation (regime/therapy)
    •      Airway pressure release ventilation (regime/therapy) This should not be a child of mechanically assisted spont vent 
    •      Continuous negative pressure ventilation treatment (regime/therapy) This should not be a child of mechanically assisted spont vent 
      •      Treatment by iron lung (regime/therapy)
    •      Dual pressure spontaneous ventilation support (regime/therapy)
      •      Nocturnal dual pressure spontaneous ventilation support (regime/therapy)
    •      Pressure support ventilation (regime/therapy)
  •   Minimum minute volume ventilation (regime/therapy)
  •   Nasal ventilation therapy (regime/therapy)

Most other ventilation modes are under procedures of the respiratory system, for example

Remodeling of Anesthesia and or sedation procedure


Dates of next meeting

Next meeting Tuesday May 28, 2024

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