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2023-07-25 Anesthesia CRG Meeting

3SNOMED Update
Business Meeting: Friday Oct 20 - Weds Oct 25
Expo: Weds Oct 25 - Fri Oct 27

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DIscussion around "Controlled ventilation"

Clarification on previous deactivation:

  • 243147009 |Controlled ventilation (procedure)| INACTIVATED DUPLICATE 1222606000 |Continuous mandatory ventilation (regime/therapy)|

Discussion points:

  • controlled ventilation is just one kind of continuous mandatory ventilation
  • 266700009 | Assisted breathing (regime/therapy) - alternate?

ISO 19223 has table of terms in summary

Andrew Marchant to send summary to Monica Harry 

5Work Plan and Outreach (e.g. to SCATA and RCoA)

Still working on this


Dates of next meeting

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  1. Regarding item 4 above:

    Looking at this again they should be using Artificial ventilation (regime/therapy)  SCTID: 40617009 not continuous mandatory ventilation which is to specific 

    Artificial ventilation
    artificial ventilation intermittent elevation of the pressure in the patient's airway relative to that in the lungs by external means with the intention of augmenting, or totally controlling, the ventilation of a patient


    continuous mandatory ventilation
    DEPRECATED:continuous mechanical ventilation
    DEPRECATED: controlled mechanical ventilation
    name of a ventilation-pattern in which a selected inflation-type is assured to be initiated at intervals determined by the setrate, with no facility for any inflation to be initiated by a patient-trigger event

    This is too specific for the DICOM use case

    Note that   Assisted breathing does not have a definition in ISO 19223 but there is 

    assisted breath
    spontaneous breath with assistance from an inflation of the assured inflation-type but initiated by a patient-trigger event
    Note 1 to entry: An assisted breath is assisted by an inflation of the assured inflation-type but only occurs if initiated before the next assured inflation is due to occur - which is at intervals determined by the setrate. Each assisted breath, therefore, occurs at a rate higher than that set; a rate which is solely determined by the patient.
    Note 2 to entry: A spontaneous breath that is supported by a pressure-support (PS) or effort-support (ES) inflation-type, or by an assured inflation within a synchronization window, although also assisted, is separately identified by the specific characteristic that distinguishes it from an assisted breath, namely, supported breath or synchronized breath, respectively.
    Note 3 to entry: See also spontaneous breath (3.2.3), patient-trigger event (3.6.9), assured inflation (3.3.11), setrate (, set (3.1.19), initiate (3.9.1), supported breath (3.2.13), synchronized breath (3.2.15), Annex B and Figures B.1, and C.26 to C.28.

    which is too specific for the use case presented by DICOM.

    In conclusion the correct term for the DICOM use case is Artificial Ventilation

    Steven Dain