1Introductions and Apologies

Matters arising from the previous meeting notes

2021-10-25 Anesthesia CRG at SNOMED International Business Meeting

Andrew Norton

Agreed as a correct record of the meeting

3ISO19223 ventilation terms

Ventilation patterns submitted to terminology request system

The group reviewed content added for assist/control, spontaneous/timed and SIMV modes of ventilation. Discussion centred on representation of acronyms. Clarification of whether forward slash symbols could be used in mode acronyms.  Some review of the use of the terms breath or inflation was required for Group 3 modes - ISO19223 tables 5.1 and 5.2 were reviewed and the authoring spreadsheet will be resent to Steven and Norman. Monica Harrywas thanked for the hard work in progressing the new content for SNOMED CT. The url for the daily build browser was made available to the group.

Additional pattern terms (Steven Dain)

Some pattern terms had been submitted for authoring. Steven Dain had authored some additional pattern terms for review and addition to SNOMED.

vent patterns SDain November 2021.xls

Review hierarchy of ventilation mode terms in daily build browser

It was noted that the arrangement of the ventilation mode terms under a parent term might tidy up the appearance and comprehensibility of the regimes/therapies chapter.

Review:  47545007 | Continuous positive airway pressure ventilation treatment (regime/therapy) |

Agreed to be suitable as the appropriate ISO19223 concept

Review: 40617009| Artificial respiration (procedure)  S: Mechanical ventilation S: mechanically assisted breathing

Following e-mail from Steven Dain it was agreed that the concept 40617009 Artificial respiration is incorrect, as respiration is a cellular function.  The synonym Artificial ventilation is a more accurate concept. The existing concept needs to be deprecated and remodelled as artificial ventilation (regime/therapy). This will also require some further QA work around related concepts in the hierarchy - Andrew Norton & Steven Dain to discuss further to identify necessary submissions for the concept request system.

Also noted that 870553002 |heated and humidified high flow oxygen therapy| should be modelled as a regime/therapy

4Assisted breathing content reviewGroup feedback on review of terms at:
7SNOMED updates

Jane Millarnoted the recent e-mail from Fleur McBriar regarding meeting space and facilities at the April 2022 SNOMED International meeting

8HL7 updateMartin Hurrell

Report from HL7 Devices SIG

Martin Hurrellreviewed comments other HL7 groups (QI, Pharmacy, Structured Documents, Vocab) in response to the project proposal for the FHIR implementation guide for anesthesia records.  In particular it was noted that there needs to be involvement of SNOMED representatives on the Vocab working group.

Collaboration with professional bodies:

Vikas O'Reilly-Shahnoted the collaboration and interest of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.

Steven Dainfelt that it would be difficult to gain any interest from the Canadian Anesthesiologists Society.

Grant Forrest (President) and John-Paul Lomas (Chair) of the Society for Computing and Technology in Anesthesia are pursuing engagement with the Royal College of Anaesthetists.  A good way of engaging the Association of Anaesthetists has not as yet been identified.

9Assessment scales

Identification of scales for inclusion in SNOMED CT

Assessment scales for SNOMED addition.xls

Andrew Nortonhas started collating a list of subject area relevant assessment scales for submission for xxxx scale (assessment scale) and assessment using xxxxx scale (procedure) terms. 

Discussion in the group arrived at the conclusion that the widespread use of POSSUM scoring and its variants may be limited to the UK and further evidence needs to be sought as to other country usage before considering any submission for inclusion in the international SNOMED release.

Andrew Norton was unable to attend the last meeting of the observables group. Steven Dain reported that there was little time for assessment scales on that meeting agenda but the Anesthesia CRG request for a worked exemplar using observable entities for one of our subject scales is noted in their minutes.

10Any other business 
None identified

Date of next meeting - Tuesday January 25th 2022

By the usual schedule of 4th Tuesday alternate months we will meet at:

Tuesday January 25th 2022 at 20:00-21:30 UTC / 20:00 - 21:30 UK / 15:00-16:30 ET

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