1Introductions and Apologies

Matters arising from the previous meeting notes

2020-11-24 Anesthesia CRG Meeting

Andrew Norton

Notes were accepted as a record of the last meeting. Any issues will be resolved tonight.

3SNOMED updates

The forthcoming Business Meeting will be virtual. It is hoped that as many CRGs as possible will meet, and that this can be a driver for promoting engagement with the groups and with development of SNOMED as a whole. Please welcome any new people who join the group sessions. There will be educational sessions for those new to SNOMED, and introductory sessions to resources such as the browser.

An IT platform will support the meeting, details of the CRGs and Zoom meetings will be available here. At the end of the meeting there will be a session with a keynote speaker to support broader discussion.

The detail of the meeting is under development, all ideas and suggestions are welcome.

Some changes have occurred in SNOMED: Peter Hendler has left the SNOMED team; the content team have been encouraged to work with the CRGs more closely so may seek help in resolving queries which they have.

The CRG is reminded that there will be a meeting next week to discuss these, and other, issues next week on 4th February.

Monica Harry noted forthcoming changes to COVID/ vaccine terminology and changes in staffing and content management as SNOMED works towards a more frequent release schedule. The Anaesthesia CRG will be offered a copy of this current draft.

4Assessment scale modelingAndrew Norton

Andrew Norton discussed the update from Observable and Investigation model project group meeting 18th January 2021. The Clinical Scale Scores document in the CRGs library discusses issues in this area. Incorporation of the many assessment scales in clinical use may be facilitated as Clinical Finding are are allowed in the concept model for Observables. Models which require mathematical processing may be accommodated in this way. Regardless, SNOMED will need to able to represent systems used in clinical practice

Exemplar scales - see attachments in file list.   Notes from Martin Hurrell   re FHIR Observation Class and assessment scales . An Observation Class may link to many Component classes, and also be informed by a Reference Range which itself may be modified by age.

Andrew Norton suggested that a clinical exemplar will be useful to debug/ demonstrate this area, and Glasgow Coma Scale may be a useful exemplar.

A range of scales exists, with a mix of objective and subjective inputs. The ability for SNOMED to handle proprietary scales and non-deterministic assessments may be clinically useful.

Andrew Norton invited members of the CRG to join him in the Observables group if they wish. Meetings are approximately fortnightly, the next is on 8th February.

5ISO 19223 -progress with modeling of SNOMED concepts

Batch template for ventilator patterns in attachments, on the Confluence page. Andrew Norton has reviewed a portion of the document and populated the template with ventilation patterns from ISO 19223. This is ongoing work which also looks towards retiring a number of current terms.

New request will be in a chapter of SNOMED - "Regimes and Therapies". Retiring older/ deprecated terms and classifying ventilation terms together in a common area is a logical outcome of the work.

Comments or suggestions from the group are sought. Work on areas of commonality and definitions of physiology. In the medium term, it will be necessary to be able to represent all of the terms in the ISO standard.

6Any other business

Changes to the available Zoom acccounts were noted. Andrew Norton and Andrew Marchant have been given access to Zoom accounts.

Date of next meeting - Tuesday 23rd March 2021
This is line with the usual schedule of 4th Tuesday alternate months
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