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1Introductions and Apologies
2Notes of meeting held on 28 July 2020
Confirm notes of meeting - agreed by the group as a satisfactory record.
3Matters arising from the previous meeting notes

Terms for COVID-related airway complications appear to be valuable. Extensive airway oedema, beyond standard descriptions of anatomical distribution, may be seen and current terms do not really capture this. There may be specific distributions of oedema related to COVID, or patho-physiological characteristics which require further description. Research into these areas is ongoing and may clarify any specific features of the COVID-related situation.

4Planning of agenda and items for discussion on Wednesday 7th October

The Anesthesia CRG will be one of the CRG's holding a parallel session during the SNOMED for Clinicians meeting during the SNOMED International virtual autumn meeting.  We note that over 1000 attendees have registered and we hope that a number of attendees will join the Anesthesia CRG session

Andrew Norton is willing to present an overview of the Anesthesia CRG and its history. Historical work is worthy of summary and current work, including assessment systems and ventilator terminology, will hopefully be of interest.

Martin Hurrell is willing to give a brief introduction to the co-operation between the Anesthesia CRG and groups in HL7.

Further discussions could include ISO 19223.

There will be time allocated for questions and discussion.

5Review discussion of modelling assessment scales

Review proposals as relate to Glasgow Coma Scale Glasgow Coma Score. Extensive discussion on this topic has already occurred and was noted on the Confluence pages.

Further scores could include the SOFA (Sequential Organ Failure Assessment Scoring) scoring system, which is now an observable entity in the US release of SNOMED.

Clinical Frailty Score is viewed as another valuable system to record.

These areas are to be discussed with the modelling advisory group.

6SNOMED updates

A content request regarding ventilation terminology used in ISO 19223 is under discussion, and this was noted by the CRG. The new ventilator modes in the standard will be described as therapies rather than procedures - much of SNOMED's older terminology describes ventilation as a procedure and this is considered a less clear choice. Monica Harry to check that there's no problem in harmonising these systems, e.g. in view of copyrigth considerations. Modelling will need to include acronyms as well as full-text versions of the terms.

Respiratory physiological terminology used in ISO 19223 is worth reviewing, so that all concepts used can be described in SNOMED. Terminology continues to evolve, and terms such as "rate" will need to be defined so as to be consistent and relevant to their context.

7Any other business
No further business was proposed.
8Next Meeting - Weds 7th October 2020 at 15:30 UTC

2020-10-07 Anesthesia CRG Session - SNOMED for Clinicians Meeting agenda

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