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Discussion items


2Minutes of July meeting 2017-07-25 Anesthesia SIG Call
3Matters arising from the minutesReviewed


Update on ASA Ad-Hoc Committee on Data Definitions work

ASA AHCDD reviewed our comments on 2016 definitions, accepted several suggestions.

Potential new terms and term adjustments to discuss at F2F meeting:

    • New child of pulmonary aspiration (finding) (68052005)
      • Perioperative pulmonary aspiration (finding)
    • New children of Cancelled operative procedure 29242007 (finding)
      • Operative Procedure Cancelled Before Anesthesia Induction (finding)
      • Operative Procedure Cancelled After Anesthesia Induction (finding)
        • See: Time of induction of anesthesia (observable entity) SCTID: 441765008
    • New child of Accidental puncture of pleura (disorder) 699326004
      • Accidental puncture of pleura during catheter insertion (disorder)
    • New concept: History of difficult intravenous access
    • New concept: Difficult intravenous access
    • New concept: Difficult mask ventilation (separate from intubation)

5Request Updates

Andrew has multiple requests ready for release, specifically for awareness under GA.

Also several observable entity requests have been accepted.

6Drug Formulary UpdatesHas mapped most drug concepts in Protege model to SNOMED concepts.
7SNOMED Updates

July 2017 release is out, contains several term adjustments from Anesthesia CRG.

8SNOMED 2017 F2F Meeting in Bratislava

October 15th-18th, 2017:
Business Meeting
Crowne Plaza Hotel
Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Bratislava details available

Business meeting schedule up

9Next meeting

Monday 16 October 2017 from 13:30 to 17:00 CEST (09:30 to 13:00 EDT)

Tuesday 17 October 2017 from 13:00 to 17:00 CEST (09:00 to 13:00 EDT)


  1. I have received a request regarding Anaesthetic procedures in the UK.  Be grateful for feedback as to whether this is within the current scope of the refset work and/or whether any members of the group have been involved with any national projects of this type, particularly in the UK .

  2. Zac, I will get in touch with the contact at the Royal College of Anaesthetists to clarify the scope of what is being requested. We have reviewed and added a number of anaesthesia related procedures to SNOMED CT over the years.

  3. Zac, I have spoken to contact at RCoA. It's all to do with the development of the new College logbook for which they need a comprehensive but usable set of operative procedures, also clinical specialty and occupation descriptors (eg general surgeon). As we know, SNOMED can meet all of these requirements.  The logbook will be cloud based, so there should not be any major problems with large but searchable reference files. However think there were a little worried in that there are more than 20000 terms in the procedure hierarchy.  Their " gold standard" solution would I suppose be a refset of all surgical, radiology, radiotherapy etc etc procedures for which use of anaesthesia is possible. Are you aware of any work or requests to meet such a requirement. Will be having further discussions with the College about this.

    1. Surgical procedures


      UK Diagnostic Imaging Procedure Concepts subset


      There are a number of anaesthesia for ... which may suit their needs better, as they are not undertaking the surgical procedure themselves and it would be important to avoid double counting.  

      Is this likely to be an international or national requirement? Catch up soon, any idea on timescales?