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Open the Command Prompt in Administrator Mode

  • In the main Window menu locate the Command Prompt Desktop app.

  • Right-click on this item to show the drop down menu

  • Select the Run as administrator option.
    • This is necessary as some steps below require administrator status.

Run the Following Commands from the Command Prompt

Type the following command to change directories to the SnomedRfsMySql.

  • Adjust the path as necessary if you have not installed the SnomedRfsMySql folder in the root folder on drive C.
cd C:\SnomedRfsMySql
  • Type the following command to stop the MySQL server (if it is running).
sc stop MySQL80
  • Type the following command to run the configuration process. This command runs a script that updates the MySQL server configuration.
  • Type the following command to restart the MySQL server
sc start MySQL80

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