Describes the automated process for generating reports.


Reports for all projects are created on a nightly basis.  The reports generated depend on which reports are attached to each project (see Managing Reports and QA Checks).

The source code for the dailyReports.csh script is in the config project for the prod deployment - config/prod/src/main/resources/bin.


The report generation wrapper script (see the next section) is automatically run via the crontab application.  A sample cron job for running reports nightly at 12AM is shown below:


# Minute     Hour     Day of Month     Month     Day of Week
0       0       *       *       *       csh /home/ihtsdo/config/bin/dailyReports.csh > /home/ihtsdo/logs/dailyReports.log

Manually Running the Report Generation Wrapper Script

The wrapper script loadDelta.csh can be run by:


cd ~/config/bin
csh qaCron.csh > [desired log file name]
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