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New Features/Improvements

None in this release

Defects Corrected

Key Summary Linked Issues

Additional Notes

This is an expedited hotfix release for the International Authoring Platform to address a Priority 1 issue related to batch importing case significance, and also a Priority 1 request to resolve a bug preventing concept inactivation using the new reason 723277005 |Nonconformance to editorial policy component|.

Module versions

Authoring UI Version 2.0.14

Terminology Server Version 4.9.1

Orchestration Service Version 1.34.0

RVF-API Version 1.0.0

RVF-WEB Version 1.0.0

TS Browser Version 0.19

IMS Version 1.0.4

Traceability Service Version 1.0.5

Drools Rules Tag v1.9

SNOMED Template Service Version 1.0.1

Spellcheck Service Version 1.0.0




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