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New Features/Improvements

This release does not add user interface functionality features/improvements to the previously deployed SCA Version 1.4.4, but has a significant improvement to the way Terminology Server content is indexed, and hence performance benefits in several areas of functionality. With this "flat-index" change, a number of previous features/improvements in SCA Versions 1.4.0 - 1.4.4 required verification against the new technical architecture. These are listed below for completeness.

Key Summary Linked Issues

Defects Corrected

These include defect corrections from Versions 1.4.0-1.4.4 which needed verification against the new technical architecture, as well as fixes for new defects arising during testing of the new "flat-index" Terminology Server.

Key Summary Linked Issues

Additional Notes

This is a significant release featuring an architectural change to the back-end Terminology Server which improves the performance of content indexing and hence also the overall stability of the Authoring Platform. The release notes include previously released features, improvements, and defect corrections which needed re-test for verification against the new "flat-index" Terminology Server, as well as corrections for new defects arising during testing.

Module versions

Front-end Version 1.0.172.HOTFIX8

Back-end Version 4.6.11

Orchestration Service Version 1.28

RVF Version 0.1.61

TS Browser Version 0.17

IMS Version 1.0.3

Traceability Service Version 1.0.5

Drools Rules Tag v1.8



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