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Production deployment was reverted to the previous release SCA Version 1.4.1 following deployment issues due to a combination of specific Production content linked to additional search demands for new automations and save validation rule updates. Saving particular concept content definitions which invoked single character searches adversely affected performance and stability of the Terminology Server. Critical CRS support updates are re-packaged as hotfix release SCA Version 1.4.3, and the remaining changes will be included in subsequent releases following the migration to flat-indexing on the Terminology Server for improved performance and stability.

New Features/Improvements

Key Summary Linked Issues

Defects Corrected

Key Summary Linked Issues

Additional Notes

This release covers bug fixes, improvements and new features defined as priority for SCA development closure before transition to maintenance mode. Development work continues for the authoring platform, to deliver flat-indexing performance improvements, then extending SCA to support Template Based and Batch Authoring (TBBA) alongside periodic maintenance releases for priority bug fixes and further improvements as resources permit.

Module versions

Front-end Version 1.0.178

Back-end Version 4.5.77

Orchestration Service Version 1.29

RVF Version 0.1.58

TS Browser Version 0.17

IMS Version 1.0.3

Traceability Service Version 1.0.5

Drools Rules Version v1.8



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